5 dresses every woman should own: it’s a wrap


Diane von Furstenberg wearing the shirt wrap dress in navy and white geometric print, pearls, Bulgari snake watch and heels photographed by Roger Prigent, 1974 for Women Wear Daily ad campaign
Oh, it’s been so long since I posted my last “5 dresses” post! I really didn’t meant to take such a long pause, but it turned out that the timing actually worked better than I would have ever imagined.

The dress I wanted to talk about as a part of the series was, of course, the wrap dress that. Dreamed up and created by Diane von Furstenberg 40 years ago, the wrap has already been featured on the blog back in 2011 when I wrote my DvF stories an talked about Camilla Morton’s book, The Tale of the Empress’s New Clothes in 2013, so instead of producing a several paragraphs long monologue all over again, I would like to invite you to follow the links and discover the history of this iconic piece.


Shop: 1. Printed silk jersey wrap dress, DvF (£330), 2. Amelia python printed silk jersey wrap dress, DvF (£385), 4. Blue silk printed wrap dress, DvF (£264), 5. New Julian Two silk-jersey wrap dress, DvF (£330), 6. White & black silk New Julian Two wrap dress, DvF (£330). 

I truly believe that every woman should have a wrap dress in her wardrobe and, ideally, it must be a DvF dress because the real thing is so much better than any wrap-inspired substitutions! You feel it in the fabric, the unique prints or the finishing touches of the plain versions, the way it’s cut and follows the lines of the body moulding itself to your DNA, giving you the comfort, making you feel beautiful and free.

Shop: 7. Kira silk jersey wrap dress, DvF (£194), 8. New Jeanne animal print silk jersey wrap dress, DvF (£184), 9. New Julian Two chain link vintage print silk jersey wrap dress, DvF (£174), also in black & white, 10. Banded Julian wrap dress, DvF (£183), 11. New Jeanne Two crepe jersey wrap dress, DvF (£281), 12. Julian Two zebra print jersey wrap dress, DvF (£220).

It takes time to find the most perfect version of the wrap among all the available options, but as soon as you “meet” the one, it remains in your wardrobe forever.

Shop: 13. Faith wrap dress, DvF (£313), 14. Amelia wrap dress, DvF (£438), 15. Judith chain mail print dress, DvF (£204), 16. Julian Two feline pattern wrap dress, DvF (£157), 17. Connie tobacco suede dress, DvF (£527)

A few days ago, as I watched the live stream from the opening of “The journey of a dress” exhibition celebrating its 40th anniversary, I realised, yet again, how timeless and precious a simple dress can be and what an incredibly impact it had on the way we perceive fashion, style and lets be honest, ourselves, whenever we get a chance to wear the wrap.

Photo source: Diane von Furstenberg wearing the shirt wrap dress in navy and white geometric print, pearls, Bulgari snake watch and heels photographed by Roger Prigent, 1974 for Women Wear Daily ad campaign via Diane: A Signature Life


  1. What a great idea and post! So interesting... I love DVF wrap dresses... You make me want to read her book! well done!! xx

  2. I own only one you know, is printed and remind '70s. These all by DVF all to die for!:) Have a nice weekend Natalia! xo

  3. The DVF wrap dress has become an iconic fashion piece for sure. I had one years ago that I gave away when it no longer fit me. I should really look into getting a new one as I'd be able to wear it for years to come.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. It's a classy and eternal piece, one of those in my wishlist since I remember to care about fashion.


  5. I agree!! DVF - so genius with the wrap dresses!! Happy Friday, Natalia!! xoxo

  6. I absolutely agree, this dress is one every woman should own - and yet, I still don't have one in my own closet, because the prints always put me off. {And somehow the neutral dresses seem to cost twice as much!} One day, I know, I will find my perfect DVF wrap.

  7. Great looking wrap around dress it was a 70s look very a different touch in our century great job on this post. Have a great weekend.

  8. I always loved her invetion, I wish I'll find a perfect wrap dress one day!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary x

  9. Wrap dresses always look so elegant and are perfect for any shape or size :) xx

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)

  10. I find wrap dresses so elegant and sophisticated :) The ones your picked out are beautiful!


  11. Great dresses! Love all the fun patterns!

  12. Cool!


  13. Fabulous dresess *_*

    Have a lovely weekend ahead,



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  14. As always, another worth reading post, love this kind of dress. Excited for your next post already. Happy weekend!.

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  15. A wrap dress is essential in every lady's closet! I love that Diane Von Furstenberg never runs out of ideas to make another beautiful wrap dress!


  16. DVF is the master of wrap dresses. I bet that exhibit was fabulous. My mom had one of her dresses a long time ago and loved it. I love wrap dresses too. I don't wear them, because I'm busty and I'm always struggling with the opening.

  17. oh, i love those classic and elegant dresses. so female!

  18. I love the classic wrap,an d 13 is my favorite here. I choose them if I love the pattern and I am not likely to have wardrobe malfunction!
    XX, Elle

  19. Great post! I own a few DVF and they sure make you feel like a woman whenever you put them on. Visiting from IFB link up!


  20. 1,8 and 14 are my faves! Such a beautiful iconic piece!


  21. The dresses are absolutely elegant I love 12 and 14 I recently purchased my first wrap dress

  22. Love DVF & the wrap dress :) Such an iconic piece of clothing!

    Corinne xo

  23. I was lucky enough to score a DVF wrap dress a couple of years ago at my local consignment store. (You can see it here: http://www.franticbutfabulous.com/2012/05/09/outfit-photo-dvf-wrap-dress-variation-2-level-4/) Since it's sleeveless, I'm on the hunt for a longer-sleeved one I can wear more year 'round. #10 or #14 would be perfect!

  24. These dresses are all so beautiful!! They are day to night dresses for sure!


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