And the fashion week is here…


And here it comes again. The fashion week. The beauty, the controversy, the shows and the crowds. Which part of the jigsaw are you coveting? Have you ever thought what fashion really means to you?

What is it about this industry that attracted you to it in the first place? And what part of this beautiful perpetuum mobile do you belong to?

For me, fashion week has always been about the clothes and designers. And models. Because a good model to an outfit is like a final touch of seasoning to a perfectly cooked dish. I pay attention to both the girls and the garments they wear to tell us a story, make us feel, visualise and understand what designers wanted to say.

And I do enjoy a beautiful story told in clothes. I believe that every good collection is worth preserving and remembering for those are the ones that form fashion history and, from time to time, become a classic. I feel inspired whenever I see something like that, so I turn on my Mac and together we create another blog post.

Though, honestly, as far as the creative part goes, I do not like to be called a blogger. It sounds too rough, too ugly. Too misinterpreted. Whenever I am asked what my hobby is, I say that I have a blog and I write about fashion because this really is what I do. 

For me, being a fashion blogger means having a strong and honest opinion, a vision and generous supply of actively working industry-tuned brain cells, the knowledge and ability to understand fashion, filter the good from the bad and avoid BS and silly sugar coated reviews simply because somebody else said it was brrrrrilliant… The latter for me is often a red flag and as a Taurus, I have a very predictable reaction to that. 

I never (or hardly ever) share outfit posts… I don't believe that's what a fashion blog should be mostly about  - a street style one, yes, but it's a totally different concept. And whilst I see the importance of sharing a few personal wardrobe favourites of mine once in a while in order to connect with the audience, so to speak, I do not see it as something to be focused on. 

Being a fashion blogger, a good and respected one, has very little about making it all about yourself, wanting, desperately craving, the attention by wearing popular trends, something from Zara (or should the budget, family heirloom or bustling credit card allows - the right Balenciaga,  Celine,  Chanel, Vuitton or Givenchy - lets face it an average fashion blogger doesn't go beyond these) and hanging around the fashion venues in hope to be photographed. I know a picture can say a thousand words, but at the end, if you don't have the words at all, sooner or later it will show and no amount of Chanel or Balenciaga will help. 

Fashion is, still, another form of art, just like, say, an opera, a performance - it is very much about the composer, the music, the actors/musicians, the desire to understand and enjoy, and never - about the mobile tone or the label on ones clothes (or clothes at all for nobody really cares as long as one looks apart). 

Why perceive fashion as something else? Because it was made accessible to the masses? Or because it seems to be easy to understand?

As the fashion week approaches, I am beginning to feel excited about seeing the collections and discovering something new, something that I'd be able to treasure emotionally. Would I like to be a part of it? Yes, for it would allow me to see the clothes in motion and appreciate the details I cannot often see in a photograph. After all, I write my stories not because I want to be famous, but rather because I want to write about something I care so deeply for, to savour the beauty, the fantasy and make it last forever as a part of my little fashion blog. 

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  1. Great thoughts Natalia, I agree with you. What I love most about fashion weeks are the collections, the trends, the backstage, the make up and the models. To be honest I believe backstage snaps are even more interesting that the ones from the runway. Btw, I think what you say is well spread from ur posts which always shows the big passion and care you have for the fashion world. Maybe someday you will decide also to share some of your outfits though :) Kisses dear xo

  2. Natalie, well said! I have one observation to share with you. Have you ever noticed how the majority of Fashion Bloggers (those who post images of themselves in the items of the "it" moment) always do so by using hyper recognizable names? For instance Dior, Chanel, LV, Givenchy and so on? I thought about it for a bit and came to the conclusion that it is done to gain visibility to be noticed by high powered brands. It has very little to do with Fashion, because Fashion goes far beyond well recognized brands and to me the best fashion blogging is delivered by those bloggers who can identify something new, never seen before, predicting farther outcome of the show. Something unique, something that is not copied from reviews. THIS what it is all about. :-) I love this post because it hits every nerve on the subject and I love you even more for writing it. :-)

  3. I cannot begin to tell you how much I agree with you about fashion being art and culture, and not just selfies...That´s why I come here every day. Keep up the good work! xo Caroline

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  5. Yayyy! Can't wait to see what the new collections bring :)


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  6. have a great time sweety xx

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  7. Dear Natalia, your words gave me a lot to think about, as my own mulling over the upcoming fashion week is controversial. In the end I think that a blog - whichever the topic - is so personal that cannot be defined/limited. It's alive like its author. Your blog, the knowledge and the opinions you share, are for me a great pleasure to read for being unique and very smart.
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  8. On the other hand, I'm curious and I cannot help asking: why do you follow my blog, where I share many outfit pics? Please feel free to share your view :-)

  9. It's interesting to discover new fashion collections but also difficult to keep up-to-date sometimes. It's easier to stick to a style. Sometimes I get excited about certain trends but it's also a bit demotivating to know that it's just a temporary hype...

  10. I like this post and for me it is that I love fashion and creativity and of course.. I have my opinion. xa

  11. Fashion week is so fun! I love scanning the shots from the runway shows, and ogling over great street style pics. :)


  12. ´´Fashion is another form of Art....´´

    Natalia,such a very good saying!:)*
    Your little fashion blog is a little treasure,yes it is!
    I think that for people who are intrested and inspired by fashion is importent to see and descover new things and emotions through your posts.....and not only to show all trends and nice images from different fashion magazines.

    Your fashion blog is a big fascinating ,with your personal feelings and it's absolutely great!
    I love to read every post because it is a very plesant treatment for me:)*

    Wishing you beautiful week ahead,

    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  13. Yes saying you are a blogger can mean many things. I do not do outfit posts much myself...sometimes...but mainly b/c I feel like it is expected. Honestly I started my blog as a vehicle to transition out of graphics and get a different job. A dream job for me would be as a casting director. I would LOVE that. I don't want to be the model, I want to pick the model!! : )

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  14. I think there are a lot of different ways to interpret and appreciate fashion. And it's truly up to the individual. Love what you love and love what you do.

  15. I love looking for the story in clothes!

  16. An interesting behind-the-blog insight Natalia! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope you enjoy fashion week!

  17. Lovely <3


  18. Fashion week: it's all about the clothes and designers for me too, not so much about the models these days. Where is that smile, the exuberant joy they should transmit when they wear those clothes? Maybe this isn't a must in order to transmit the message of every designer's collection, but I want more than a clothes horse when I watch a model down the catwalk.

    I never say I'm a blogger either. The term does not have the best connotation and I've never considered myself in the same category with the majority of them. I love fashion, I love to dive into the history of a fashion house, to see how a designer's vision and sometimes his/her entire world is translated into a collection, to write about a designer's signature style which may have nothing to do with the definition of style per say. But I admit I'm more into style, and although I love to watch and occasionally write about haute couture or fashion as pure art form, I usually try to find a connection between a collection and what style means to me, to find those elements which will make it last over the years. I don't look for this kind of collections, which means that if I view a show and fall in love with it, it does not matter whether I consider it classic or whether I will still find it beautiful in n years, I simply write about it if it moves me in some way.

    I do outfit posts regularly (not mine as it's really not my style to put me out there and because I believe that what I have to say when it comes to style I can do it in other ways), because I find them important to get my message through and because I want to show that simplicity and restraint are the greatest form of elegance. I never pay attention to the labels the girls and women I share photos of wear, I'm only interested in the overall look, in how harmonious and stylish -according to my own rules - looks. My blog is a style blog, in a complex sense, I like to think, not a fashion blog, not a street style or personal style blog. And now I'm done rambling. :)

  19. Great article (like always) Natalia! For me fashion week is also about the clothes, the make-up and the models for the biggest part (and backstage shots, I love those maybe the most!), but I have to admit I like watching the 'fashion people' posing and see their outfits outside the show (altough the last years this phenomenon has become CRAZY and too much!). Never in a million years would I go as a 'blogger' to these events to get noticed haha I think it should be only for people who really 'mean' something in the industry!!! xxx

  20. I love how you call models the seasoning to a perfectly cooked dish. Fashion bloggers will then be like food critics. It is our job to examine, critique and applaud. Well written post!

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz
    That Sassy Girl

  21. Excellent writing that explores what a good fashion blog should be about. kit also expressed my ambivalence towards my one outfits spots and to the hyperbole that surrounds fashion, but I love it still.
    Thanks of rewriting such a thoughtful piece.
    XX, Elle

  22. Brilliant Natalia! I always look forward to the new collections and new dreams that the designers create. Its amazing to see what they come up with. Themes are popular now. So that's always interesting. I have to catch up on today's shows.