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via fashioned by love | exclusive interview with Natalia Vodianova | Russian supermodel
Interviewing Natalia Vodianova has been a long dream of mine - never because I saw her as an icon, but rather because I've always believed that she would be a very interesting person to talk to. I adore Natalia as a model, I deeply admire her charity work and I think she is an incredible mother to three gorgeous children. Yes, her and I are like to different planets, but at some level, and without going into details about my past, I've always felt connected with her. She means a lot to me - beauty, home, past and present... She is one of those people who brings warmth to my heart. 

I was told that Natalia doesn't give interviews... Not unless it's a magazine or a news paper. Imagine how it felt when Buro247.ru announced that there would be an on-line live chat with Natalia and anyone's invited! Of course I couldn't miss it! 

There were a lot of questions and only an hour for Natalia to answer them all. I was the greedy one. I posted not one, but three messages and to my surprise she replied to all of them! If you speak Russian, you can watch the full interview on-line - you won't regret it. Warm, sincere, adorable, honest and very down to earth, Natalia talked about her family, children, childhood, charity work, modelling industry, her favourite books and art, beauty products, diet... It was such a pleasure to listen to her! 

And here are my questions and her answers... It still feels a little bit surreal, so I'll leave you at that, go and continue digesting what just happened.

via fashioned by love | Natalia Vodianova Elle China June 2009 | exclusive interview
Natalia, you are one of the most beautiful women in the world... What does beauty mean to you?

Natalia, oh, thank you! (laughs) It's a pleasure to hear, but I can't think of myself that way! In others, I appreciate the inner beauty the most. I think of people who do something good and important. 

Take Zainab Zalbi, the founder of Women for Women International organisation. I look at women like her and I realise that the real beauty is the light that radiates from her eyes. I have other examples including my dearest and beloved Diane von Furstenberg - I admire her strength and the work she does to support other women. She is incredible and I am very grateful to her for supporting me 10 years ago. 

The motto of the short film you've created to support Paralympics is Never Stop. And is there a quote or saying you personally find inspirational and empowering?

Yes, there's one. Somebody once said it to me and I made it my motto. "Keep your eyes on the goal and not the obstacles." 

Natalia, if you could meet your 11-year-old self, what would you say to little Natasha Vodianova?

I'd say to her... Don't worry, everything will be alright. 

Photo source: FlockedMedia, Elle China June 2009 (photography: Mei Yuan Gui)


  1. It's great that you got to chat with Natalia. Her life story is a fairytale and I think that she's a very wise and beautiful person.

  2. She's amazing!


  3. She is wonderful, great role model. Shame I can't understand much of Russian :(

  4. What an amazing experience. You always have the most amazing posts, information we wouldn't normally find.

  5. Congratulations, Natalia! You made the best of a great opportunity. Well chosen questions, and Natalia's answers are inspiring, just as one would expect.

  6. Она действительно одна из самых очаровательных и великолепных женщин мира, я ей восхищаюсь больше чем любой иной представительницей модной индустрии. Наташа, мне очень понравились твои вопросы, не удивительно, что ей захотелось на них ответить)
    А еще хочу поздравить тебя с весенним праздником 8 Марта, желаю всего самого наилучшего! Любви, здоровья, успеха в делах, пусть весна наполнит твое сердце спокойствием и нежностью)
    Отличного дня!

  7. Наташенька,милая....
    Как я счастлива за Вас!!!
    Поздравляю от всего сердца с тем что однотиз ваших мечтаний осуществилось!!!
    Я прекрасно понимаю это чувство....
    Спасибо за возможность услышать это интервью с Натальей Водяновой:)))

    С праздником Весны Вас!
    Ваша В.

  8. Наталия Водянова-само обаяние.... Как приятно увидеть и услышать красивую женщину,которая умна,проста и так великолепна!!!

  9. Она - большая молодец....трудяжка....посмотрела интервью с ней....
    С праздником 8 марта !!!

  10. How cool that you had this chance to talk to her. I loved your questions and her answers to them.

  11. "Keep your eyes on the goal and not the obstacles"...what wonderful advice! Great interview and she is stunning!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. She really is lovely --- and you asked some great questions! Thank you so much for translating and sharing with us!

  13. Such a great opportunity that you took! I adore her, she´s def one of the most beautiful women on earth. Also with a heart it seems. Love her answer on inner beauty, of course:) xo Caroline

  14. Natalia, that was so awesome she answered all three of your questions! Yaaay! So happy for you! I know you admire her. I've been a reader of yours to notice your admiration of her. I love her responses...inner beauty...keep your eyes on the goal and not obstacles...and don't worry everything will be alright. So simple, but do you know I always have to constantly remind myself of the latter two. HaHaHa Beautiful doll! I'm glad your wish was answered.

  15. Thanks for sharing this! It's so rare to hear something from her and I wasn't aware of Buro's initiative. The only thing I regret is that I can't enjoy the interview in russian.

  16. Oh, how wonderful that she answered all of the questions! And I love that you asked about the Never Stop video - my admiration of her increased tenfold when you shared that :)

  17. So awesome that you got all of your questions answered...and great questions. Loved reading the responses.

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins