Many lives of Dolce&Gabbana dresses


Sasha Luss in Dolce&Gabbana almond blossom dress, Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 ready-to-wear
Oh, how much I love spring! I cannot get enough of it. The sunshine, the endless blue sky, the air, the light, the blooms...

As soon as the first tiny flowers appeared braving the cold wind, eager to welcome the new season, I began thinking and dreaming of the Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 collection and the almond blossom dresses in particular.

Those were magical, couture-like and simply unforgettable. I chose my favourite three and lovingly preserved some of the fashion stories that featured them. 

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the spring equinox, beauty and fashion...

Angela Lindvall in Dolce&Gabbana dress, Elle Russia March 2014
Julia Frauche in Dolce&Gabbana in Harper's Bazaar February 2014
Devon Windsor in Dolce&Gabbana, Numero 151 March 2014
Caroline Brasch in Dolce&Gabbana, Elle Denmark February 2014
Eva Herzigova in Dolce&Gabbana Harper's Bazaar Spain March 2014
W February 2014 (photography: Craig McDean, styling: Edward Enninful)
Dolce & Gabbana dress in Marie Claire Australia May 2014
Marie Claire UK April 2014 (photography: James Macari, styling: Tiffany Fraser-Steele)
Masha Novoselova in Dolce&Gabbana in Marie Claire France April 2014 (photography: Thiemo Sander)
Jessica Hong Kong February 2014
Angela Lindvall in Dolce&Gabbana Elle Russia March 2014
Isabeli Fontana in Dolce&Gabbana Vogue Ukraine February 2014
Dolce & Gabbana dress in Marie Claire US February 2014 (photography: Markus Pritzi, styling: Enrique Campos)
Cameron Russell in Dolce&Gabbana Elle UK February 2014
Vogue China March 2014 (photography: Camilla Akrans, styling: Franck Benhamou),
Elle Taiwan February 2014
Dolce&Gabbana dress in Vogue Germany March 2014
M Le magazine du Monde France March 2014 (photography: Bruce Weber, styling: Alexandra Woroniek)
Dolce&Gabbana dress in C magazine US March 2014
Charlie Newman in Dolce&gabbana in Glamour UK April 2014
Photo source: runway images via, Elle Russia March 2014 (photography: Xavi Gordo, styling: Daria Anichkina),  Harper's Bazaar UK February 2014 (photography: Tom Allen, styling: Cathy Kasterine),  Numero #151 March 2014 (photography: Billy Kidd, styling: Charles Varenne),  Elle Denmark February 2014 (photography: Oliver Stalmans, styling: Alexandra Carl), Harper's Bazaar Spain March 2014 (photography: Nico, styling: Juan Cebrian), W February 2014 (photography: Craig McDean, styling: Edward Enninful), Marie Claire Australia May 2014 (photographer: Nicole Bentley, styling: Jana Pokorny), Marie Claire UK April 2014 (photography: James Macari, styling: Tiffany Fraser-Steele), Marie Claire France April 2014 (photography: Thiemo Sander), Jessica Hong Kong February 2014 (photography: ?), Vogue Ukraine February 2014 (photography: Marcin Tyzska, styling: Ekaterina Mukhina), Marie Claire US February 2014 (photography: Markus Pritzi, styling: Enrique Campos), Elle UK February 2014 (photography: Kai Z Feng, styling: Anne-Marie Curtis), Vogue China March 2014 (photography: Camilla Akrans, styling: Franck Benhamou), Elle Taiwan February 2014, Vogue Germany March 2014 (photography: Mario Testino, styling: Alex White), C Magazine March 2014, Glamour UK March 2014 (photography: Kenneth Willardt, styling: Alessandra Steinherr)


  1. I so much wished I could afford one of these dresses ):

    xx Anna
    A Tale of Two Shoes

  2. Love spring too! Those almond blossom dresses from the D&G collections are the best to celebrate the new season. Im actually staring at the ballerina on C Magazine, pure perfection! Happy Spring Natalia! Many kisses! xo

  3. Absolutely love this all dresses. :-D Want tchem all . kisses

  4. The 6th photo is beautiful and so is the Eva cover of Harper's Bazaar. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to wearing a flowing dress as soon as the weather permits it (especially now that I have short hair - think Charlize Theron at the Oscars - I think I will embrace dresses more often than before :)).

  5. Loooooooove this dress and love to see it in so many shots!!! Their SS14 collection is one of my favourites!! xx

  6. Natalia, I've loved that dress ever since I set my eyes on it! ANYWAY you style it, it will look good. It's just gorgeous and I can't think of a better dress for the first day of Spring! It's PERFECT! Great job!

  7. Apart from one brief phrase, I have never been a florals girl - but dresses like these could convince me to change my mind on that. How beautiful!

  8. Лесные феи) Наряды просто восхитительные, так невероятно женственно и нежно. Ох, мне безумно нравиться! Некоторые снимки просто маленькое произведение искусства)

  9. Really nice floral dresses!!!
    Love them all!

  10. Dresses are beautiful but those boots in third picture are too good to be true.

    Red xx

  11. Such lovely, whimsical pieces!


  12. So beautiful of the spring floral print. I wish I own those prettiest dresses. ox

  13. Now I'm dreaming with you, those dresses are indeed wonderful and touches me in my heart with their spring message :) I would love to own such a dress!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. Beautiful pictures!
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  15. I love these dresses, they are very elegant, feminine, ethereal, perfect to celebrate Spring and its beauty :)
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  16. incredible collections of pics with that stunning dress!! love the pics #4!


  17. This gorgeous collection seems to be everywhere in editorial at the moment and I can't wait to see a few looks on the red carpet too. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful visit! Happy Friday!

  18. I am really looking forward to spring too. I love these dresses!

  19. No wonder! It is fantastic after all! :)