American dream


Kim Kardashian by Annie Leibovitz & Grace Coddington in April 2014 issue of American Vogue
At first I thought it was a mock-up and then quickly realised that no, I wasn't dreaming and the image before my eyes was real. Kim Kardashian wearing a stunning Lanvin gown was on a cover of American Vogue. The photo of the couple styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Annie Leibovitz was flawless - you have to give it to the magazine team for creating the beautiful imagery - after all, we are talking Vogue make-over and all that comes with it. 

The fact that Kim wanted to be in Vogue has been well-known for months. Although in her editors letter Wintour denied such a fact taking place, everyone heard about Kayne asking Anna about the cover shoot and many applauded her for saying "no". 

And then it happened. 

Oddly, but predictably so, it was Kim who got the dirt poured over her. I absolutely understand that - after all, she is the visual target and people tend to go down the easiest route without taking a moment to reflect and think things through. 

I did, though... Not to show that I am perfect, not at all. Personally I didn't like the idea AT ALL because the Vogue I love is something quite special - a beautifully written, though-provoking visual feast. In addition to that and with a few exceptions, I am not a believer in celebrities being used as cover models. If you read my blog, you would know about it by now. 

So what did I think of the April issue?

Once I recovered from the initial shock, it all suddenly became very clear. 

First of all, Anna Wintour is a very smart editor.  Whether or not there was any money agreement involved in the first place, this issue of Vogue will most likely sell more copies than any September one - Kim alone has over 20 million fans who will certainly rush out to get their hands on Vogue (and finally learn that the magazines are not limited to OK, US Weekly and People) in addition to those folks who will buy the issue on autopilot or as the one to collect and later ebay for a small fortune.

I suspect the mag will have to go to re-print in order to please everyone. The popularity will play a very important role in advertising rates, too. Wintour would never miss such an opportunity - she is too intelligent not to foresee the hype.

Secondly, American Vogue stopped being high society magazine a long time ago. I fail to think of the issue featuring a super model rather than a celebrity because this is something that the majority of the readers would accept and swallow. The truth is that the world we live in is powered by celebrities created by people themselves simply because they prefer seeing their world through the eyes of somebody from a TV show or youtube channel.

One can either accept such a fact and learn to navigate through life without wasting any of it on discussing those faux idols or, instead, lose their true self by dedicating full attention to people who get rich of it ending up on a cover of Vogue living their American dream. 

Thirdly, Kim does deserve a little appreciation for being so focused on her goal and for having a husband who would be prepared to do anything for the girl he loves. I cannot say she is my favourite person or somebody I am interested in - in fact, this is the first time I am actually talking about her. Once I am done, I doubt I will ever talk to her again. I know she is out there and am obviously aware of who she is, but that's where it ends for me. 

Of course, I am disappointed, but not in Vogue or Anna, but rather the world we live in... Should the crowd be more interested in fashion, models and designers, they would be the ones we see on a cover of the magazine. Alas, the crowd wants the bread and show and that's exactly what American Vogue serves them on a silver platter. Bon Appetite!

Photo source: Vogue US April 2014 (photography: Annie Lebovitz, styling: Grace Coddington)


  1. Of course Anna is an intelligent editor in chief, of course she saw the opportunity in this and of course she gives people what they want after all. But it's sad. Isn't it in the power of a fashion magazine of the caliber of Vogue to educate (and I don't think it's too strong a word) people to some extent? Why does Vogue succumb to featuring those who define the culture, instead of choosing to shape up the culture through wisely chosen subjects and stories? I realize this is a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, I truly believe that Vogue US has become a sell-out magazine. And when you think I've read about critics on the March cover of Vogue Italia. I'll always take a controversial cover over a tasteless, mass-appealing one.

  2. It's all about business, wintour knows her way! I personally don't like KK, she is way to tacky for a magazine like vogue.
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. I love her dress <3

    The Cutielicious

  4. I was very wondered when I saw the cover and how AW changed her mine. I agree with all your points and as you I am little disappointed too. Im more interested in models and fashion, I really dont like when I see celebrities on the covers, it makes me to stop to read magazines! Kisses dear! xo

  5. Равнодушна к Ким Кардашьян, но она действительно шикарно выглядит в этом восхитительном платье. Хотя это определенно не должно стать темой для обложки Vogue. Я согласна с тем что ты написала на сто процентов, большинству требуются лишь зрелища, жажда богатой жизни и как ее символ воплощение американской мечты, пустые сплетни и прочие глупости, из разряда тех, что ни уму не сердцу. Спрос рождает предложения, что тут скажешь.

  6. i prefer supermodels on magazines like vogue. i guess i'm old-school like that! hehe. i don't think she should be on the cover, but...i agree--genius move to sell mags.

  7. I could not be less interested in the Kardashians but that Lanvin dress is truly beautiful.

  8. Yes it is all pretty ridiculous, if you like the Kardashians fine, if you don't that is fine too. What I do not get is the haters spending so much time hating. Really there are bigger issues in the world. I do no hate the Kardashians. They have a popular show that makes alot of money Kudos to them. Yep it can be a bit trashy here and there but I am betting that is part of why it is so popular. If you don't like it don't watch it, if you don't like them don't watch it. If you don't like them don't but the magazine. But what I don't get too is when well known actors post negative things about them on twitter. It is one thing to express your thoughts to family and friends off the record. But professionally? I work as a graphic designer in publishing and have always learned to "keep it positive" and don't talk too much, but in any professional environment is smart to keep it positive or keep your mouth shut. It is mind blowing the level of immature unprofessionalism displayed by adults online and even more surprising when it is from adults who they themselves work in a high profile industry. It must be all the success and privilege.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  9. I'm not a big fan of her but i have to say they are just a beautiful couple!

  10. Love it!Your blog is always so amazing with all these pictures (: ! x
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  11. interesting to read your thoughts Natalia! First of all, I do like Vogue, but I have not ever been really drawn to American Vogue (don't know why). Secondly: I too think it was only a matter of time before she was on the cover (as you said, everybody knows it was one of her goals). I read somewhere that the American Vogue hasn't had a model on the cover for a long time, and it's because Anna thinks celebrities are more powerfull (and sell more copies obviously). I completely agree with the fact that she must have done this because ad rates will go up and everybody will talk about this (bad publicity is also publicity :p). Personally, I hate this cover. I think the photo is really cold and without emotions, and it does not appeal to me at all. Kim K however is a smart businesswoman (you have to admit it, despite the reason why she became famous the woman has built an imperium) and I think she's laughing because she finally is 'accepted' into the world of Vogue! I would really REALLY be disapointed if she made the cover of Vogue Paris but for american Vogue I don't care so much... :) xx

  12. For me, this issue came as no surprise - I stopped buying American Vogue almost four years ago and have never looked back. It's true that Anna Wintour is a very smart business woman but when it became clear that the focus of the magazine was solely selling copies, and not selling an aspirational lifestyle with a focus on high fashion, she lost me as a reader. If anything, I am glad this issue was printed simply because others will now see what I saw many years ago. I applaud Kim and Kanye for their boldness and focus on their goals. But I won't be reading anything about them.

  13. Great review, babe. I hadn't thought of Kim + Kanye's Vogue cover (and Anna's decision in giving it to them) as driving sales- but now I do! She's a smart lady, that Anna Wintour. :)


  14. I loved the cover. I thought it was beautiful. I'm so tired of all the ugly comments, whenever Kim Kardashian's name is mentioned. The comments that were left on various websites were deplorable (here in the States). Some celebrities even stated they were cancelling their subscription to Vogue...Really? Is it that serious? Your hatred for her? Kim K. hasn't killed anyone. She's made some really poor choices in life, but others have too. What I don't like about them is their credibility. I just feel they will sell anything and accept any deal to make a dollar. So that's my biggest gripe about them as a family. But I don't hate or dislike the woman. People really need to think back to Jesus. They were about to stone a woman for infidelity. Jesus stopped that. We should love all. Excellent and eloquent blog post Natalia.

  15. Amazing!!!


  16. i can't say i love the idea but i actually think they look good and it is a smart decision on anna's part.

    xx fameliquorlove

  17. Im not that big a fan of them as a couple. but I do love Kanyes music. imo he is a genius.
    nice post

  18. I think this was an interesting decision but maybe a really clever move! Because as you already wrote Kim has really many fans and I can imagine this issue of the Vogue will at least stimulate the sales figures ...

    In the last time I often thought about the situation of magazines. Because in the past (before I started to read blogs) I bought at least 4 - 5 fashion magazines per week. And know I buy in maximum 2 - 4 fashion magazines per month!

    Of this cause I think it's important to increase the sales figures and the magazines maybe are testing various possibilities for that ...

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  19. You have hit the nail on the head, at the end of the day it is all about the dollars? I think Kim has a very pretty face, but for me that's where my interest ends. Vogue should be a fashion bible not a commercial gossip mag......xx

  20. I love Kim Kardashian<3


  21. I was surprised when I saw this cover too. It was really interesting to read your thoughts about it. Thanks for sharing! And that gown is absolutely beautiful.

  22. Oh gosh, I've heard some much about this cover, but this is my first time actually seeing it. I think Kim is gorgeous and I must admit, I do like her fashion sense most of the time. And I agree, this issue will probably sell above and beyond. HOWEVER, I think Kanye is annoying and the Kardashians are attention whores, so this cover is definitely better suited for People Magazine than Vogue!