Outfit inspiration: my kind of sexy...


Love written in red nail polish stain
This morning I woke up thinking I needed to run... It was an autopilot response to the events of last week overloaded with work. Despite the tiredness and totally concussed brain I enjoyed every minute of it.

On Friday night I sat in bed with Mac and Oscar (one being a laptop and the other - my beloved pup, just in case you don't know yet) getting some much needed me-time and enjoying a good old browse. And this was when I saw the shoes. 

Oh, I know, I am predictable... You can even roll your eyes. I will be fine with that. I could almost do the same for the love for beautiful footwear and desire to look at most perfect specimens will only end when I am dead. 

I imagined myself in those sandals. Sexy suede  little things that would send me off to the centre of the Universe, tiptoeing on the edge of sexy. 

I couldn't help dreaming up the entire outfit. The white suit, the little clutch bag, the barely there cami... Ah, how I would love them all.

Sexy, elegant, ladylike outfit idea for spring and summer, Reiss white suit, Fiorenza red suede sandals, Srpui Marie clutch, Astley Clarke pearl earrings and Gat Rimon silk camisole
Fontez cream tailored jacket (£245)  / Sandra fluted cream skirt (£120) / Orielle white topaz & pearl earrings (£125) / Gat Rimon two tone silk top with shoe-string straps (£89) / Serpui Marie pearl & straw clutch bag (£446) / Fiorenza suede sandals in scarlet & fuchsia (£157) - also in salmon, black or nude versions

Photo source: tumblr.com 


  1. Наташенька дорогая,Вы сводите меня с ума Вашим талантом писать так,что хочется ну просто непременно все увидеть воочию....!!!:)))
    Восхитительные туфли и супер комбинация элегантной и безумно женственной кокетливой юбкой,"секси"-топ и все это с невообразимо и незаменимо с аксессуарами:сумочка и серьги.....

  2. Sandals are really beautiful! Love the color :)

  3. Haha loved this post :) I'm also a lot in bed with Mac and Ben (my laptop and my ice-cream haha) The shoes are indeed goooooooorgeous!!!xxx

  4. Those shoes are seriously sick. Now I am going to be dreaming of them too… haha but I won't be running.

  5. HaHaHa Natalia! You sexy thing! Those sandals are amazingly sexy! I LOVE the outfit you paired with it. Red & white with class. So glad your foot has heeled and you can run. I walked the other day outside and it felt so good. Going to do it again. LOL Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm absolutely in love with the shoes *-*


  7. the shoes are truly amazing!:) lovely picks!♥


  8. Those shoes are a work of art. I don't think I've ever had red shoes but recently I have been admiring several pairs!

  9. Those shoes! I'm afraid that I am with you in this neverending quest, in fact, I just added another pair of beauties to my neverending collection this morning. But these... these would not be unwelcome in my wardrobe, either.

  10. The shoes are gorgeous! I love the outfit that you put together with them.

  11. " ... tiptoeing on the edge of sexy" - so beautifully expressed, Natalia. Your kind of sexy is my kind of sexy.