Neverstop \ Natalia Vodianova by Bruno Aveillan
I won't lie, it's been a very difficult week for me, the week of constant worries about my country and its people, the way it was portrayed in the media and the rumours that were spreading like a plague. It hurt physically to witness the crumbling world that has always been a part of my soul and heart. 

The moment I finished watching #NEVERSTOP, a short film created by Bruno Aveillan and Natalia Vodianova to celebrate Paralympic games starting in Sochi this Friday, was the moment I rushed to my keyboard, a bunch of tissues in hand, my eyes filling up with tears...

To some this may just be another story to glance over and forget, but for me and for many other people this is something incredibly meaningful, a proof that no matter how much darkness there can be in life, the light of hope and faith will always find its way through the cloudiest skies...

The world will never be a quiet place, but when there are people who keep their faith alive despite everything that life throws at them, despite any obstacles and hardships, it will survive... just like those Paralympians... just like any human beings who never give up.

What is about to happen in Sochi has nothing to do with politics, winning or losing, it is about people and a part of their life that gives them hope, makes them believe... in their strength, in a better future.... in being ALIVE no matter what. Never forget that. #NEVERSTOP

Source:  Natalia Vodianova official Facebook page, screenshot taken by me (film director: Bruno Aveillan, music: Raphael Ibanez de Garayo), please visit youtube for full credits and video


  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt post, Natalia. I have been thinking of you and your country often this week. It's a time like these that I always remember the immortal words of Anne Frank: "After everything, I still believe that people are fundamentally good." The bes tthing we can do is believe the same.

  2. Very beautiful video! Her eyes are so amazing :)

  3. Thanks a lot for posting this video. I´m also really really touched and I think I won´t forget this film. You and your nation are still in my thoughts.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  4. I feel terribly sorry and shocked for what is happening there and really hope situation will improve soon. I havent seen the film and neither notice the Paralympic games have to start this Fri. The video is truly touching, I admire them, I honestly dont know how and where they find that much courage, one thing is sure, to never give up. Kisses Natalia, have a goodnight xo

  5. SOoooooo wonderful post,Natalia!
    NEVERSTOP is a great tribute to all these very brave people.
    I looked this film many times and absolutely admired about Natalia Vodianova in a film.
    HOW strong ypur mind must be!

    Wishing you great week,

  6. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Watching this video filled my eyes with tears, Natalia. I love this supermodel, superwoman! Her heart is even bigger than her beauty and she has never ever forgotten where she comes from, being the best ambassador for her country and your country. I understand what you must be feeling with all the news on Russia spreading around. The sad thing is that the media only presents one point of view and so many people think what they are told to think.

  8. This is such a touchy post, loved reading it! Very emotional!

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  9. I can imagine it must be a really difficult week for you, as yes, your country is not getting a lot of 'good publicity' nowadays... I really hope the situation will clarify as soon as possible! I'm glad you can find some consolence in the movie! I'm thinking of you! xx

  10. i am so sorry you are feeling so stressful. i can't imagine what that must feel like, but i'm glad the movie is so inspirational. i wish i had better advice, but there is nothing i can say to help.

  11. oh natalia! i'm so sorry doll. it's truly been a nightmare. i can only imagine how you feel. i wish more emphasis would be placed on the paralympics. london did an excellent job not keeping it on the back burner. i dislike when people treat others differently. the video was beautiful. i do hope your week gets better. ((hug))