Laine de verre


Laine de Verre Serge Lutens perfume review
"Choosing to be yourself is not without its perils."
Serge Lutens

It was a pale grey wintery afternoon cut into slices with a sound of a broken violin coming from an old swing. The swing was moving... Back and forth, back and forth... From time to time it would start to slow down and I had to slide off the edge of my sit a little, kick the frozen snow-covered ground and get things moving again. I was six and bored. So bored that when a strange kid approached me I felt like talking to him.

"Do you know what would happen if you licked the swing?" he asked me. I looked at him suspiciously - I read books of all sorts, all the time, including the Amusing physics for kids, but was ashamed to admit that I wasn't aware of what's commonly known as "the law of metal thermal conductivity". "Just do it and see" he insisted.

I leaned towards one of the metal bars and touched it, just a little bit, with the very tip of my tongue..... And then I experienced the only reaction that would always, always occur once there's a contact made between a warm flesh and frozen steel. I got stuck. To the stupid swing! The boy laughed and run away - luckily for him, I never saw the devil again in my life. Unfortunately for me, there was nobody else around to sympathise, so I had to quietly peel myself off and wander back home, sulking and making a mental note of that metallic smell I'd never forgotten.

Whether it was that memory or perhaps something else, but the very moment I inhaled the aroma of Laine de verre, the latest Serge Lutens addition to the Eaux line, it took me back into my childhood and suddenly made the world feel complete and comforted. Like a hug.

Finally after a very long time I discovered a perfume that I truly loved and wanted to cocoon in. In a way it was a relief for buying something different, something not from Lutens, oddly felt like cheating on the brand I have been loyal to for many years. Until now I enveloped in Douce Amere, but as the days melted into a dewy warmth of spring, I found myself craving a lighter scent.

With an open mind (and sceptical heart) I ventured out to try something new. It seemed so exciting, but didn't quite work leaving me restless and slightly disappointed until, finally, I got a sample of my fragrant insulation (laine de verre literally means glass wool or fibreglass).  I carefully sprayed a little on my skin, waited a few seconds, smelled... and was instantly seduced!

I ordered a bottle. There and then. To come to me all the way from Paris (for nothing feels better than receiving a French perfume from France - try it some time, you'll know what I mean). I waited for it like a kid for her birthday gift. By the time it arrived I run out of my sample and began experiencing a terrible nostalgic withdrawal as if Laine de verre and I would never meet again.

What is the perfume like? It's complicated. Just like all Lutens fragrances. You will either adore or hate it, but you will definitely remember the experience. It is all about the feeling and since we are all different, with the olfactory moulded by the past of our own, the resulting emotion created by the perfume is always unique. And this is why I adore Lutens.  He doesn't just blends the notes, but dreams up a story through which you can express or rediscover yourself.

When you first smell Laine de verre it greets to you with a burst of cold and icy, almost metallic, burst of citrus cleanness and a generous touch of peppermint, good enough to satisfy both yin and yang. The strong and captivating opening stage doesn't last long, 30-45 minutes at the most, maybe. Then the sharpness disappears to be replaced with what I can only describe as a fluffy warmth, almost like a cashmere blanket, the palpable softness... It's not about the aroma or mellow sweetness, but rather a scented metaphor, an aura - in chemistry terms, musk and wood molecules.

In a language of fashion I would describe it as borrowed from the boys - a strong suit that hides a silk camisole and beautiful lace lingerie underneath its armoured surface. It's a sensual tale and I am so glad the perfumed blend of memories from the past is now an essential part of my present.

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  1. It's funny how long forgotten memories can suddenly come to life with something like scent.

    I must try this perfume, it sounds amazing. x

  2. Oh my...your poor little tongue. I love how you related this unpleasant childhood experience and the redemption brought by your favorite scent. You made me want to try Laine de verre...that's for sure!

    have a lovely day, darling!
    XO, Gina

  3. what an amazing description! definitely worth a sniff and a spritz

  4. This post is so beautifully written, Natalia - so few people appreciate the emotional response that a good fragrance, the right fragrance, can and should provoke. Although I am a bit too far away to be able to order French perfume from France, I imagine the feeling of receiving it in the mail must be blissful.

  5. Oh you know what - I remember that feeling of cold metal and a tongue thats stuck - ouch. Nicely written - love it, and I also now want to try Laine de verre too :-)

  6. lovely post :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Наташенька!

    Какие незабываемые,грустные и очень знакомые моменты из детства.....
    Описание парфюма просто завораживает:)
    До сих пор не знала об этом парфюме.... Очень хочу ощутить аромат.
    Сейчас же вернусь по Вашим ссылочкам чтобы снова перечитать Ваши посты!:)

  8. Какие милые,чудесные фото,Наташенька!!!:)))

  9. Natalia, that perfume sounds absolutely amazing! I love the notes. I'm pinning it, so I can remember it. Children are so cruel. What a horrid little boy! And an unpleasant experience. Ohhhh childhood memories! They can be both good & bad. You were the cutest girl! Ohhh that SMILE and your EYES! Beautiful. I've never seen you. I don't even know your age, but after seeing those fabulous Chloe heels, I definitely know you're not an older woman. LOL They are GORGEOUS btw. You're so mysterious! I love it! There's also a depth about you!

  10. thanks for sharing this doll. xo

  11. Great post! ;)

  12. Lovely post :) I think I'd adore this scent too - especially if it can evoke such strong memories! I'll pop over and nominate you now! xxx

  13. nice post!

  14. Нет, аромат не знаком мне, но ужасно захотелось познакомиться по-ближе) А какой милый, очаровательнейший ребенок на снимках)! Наташа, это ведь ты?
    Кстати, я заполнила форму и указала ссылку на твой блог, только я не поняла ужалось ли отправить или нет, т.к. после подтверждения не появилось никакого сообщения об успешной отправке данных. Вообщем, надеюсь все получилось)

  15. beautiful post! <3
    kiss Gi.

    New post

  16. That's what I love about scents - they're so nostalgic. By far, the BEST thing in the world is when I can smell a fragrance and it brings me back to wonderful memories and/or people...I'll check this one out!!

  17. Haha, that story how your tongue got stuck up is pretty funny, but I believe that happens to every child! Such a nice story to share :)

  18. Beautiful post! That story... I've never experienced that, but I cringed just thinking about it. The perfume sounds wonderful. If I ever come across it, I will definitely be checking it out.

  19. I loved your story, you are such a great writer. It made me want to try the perfume :)

  20. I haven't tried the laine de verre before, but the ways you described, made me wanna try some!

  21. Poor you, but it makes a great story :) The perfume sounds wonderful!

  22. Natalia your story is incredibly fascinating. You write so beautifully and I could feel all the impressions you describe. I'm going to vote for you of course, hope you can do the same as I entered too :-) booo for the mean boy!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  23. I hope I will find a new perfume to fall in with soon, too. Apparently, my entire beauty routine is in a transitory phase right now.