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via fashioned by love | Melina Gesto in Russh #60 October/November 2014 | Exclusive interview
Whenever I think of the words to describe Melina, I have to take a deep breath and thenemotionally release them all at once or remain calm and hand pick the best. Melina Gesto is a beauty, a rebel, a philosopher and has so much warmth and love about her that one can't help but feel comfortable and relaxed in her company as if she just gave you a hug (which she does, anyway). 

Still at the very start of her modelling career and within less than six months, Melina has already walked for Miu Miu (exclusively!), worked for Mango, Constance Boutet, Wanda Nylon, Koxis and Chocolate and appeared in Grit, SSAW, Elle Argentina, Wallpaper, Holiday, Flavour and i-D magazines building an impressive portfolio any young model would be proud of.

Since I've written about this stunning girl back in April, it became my dream to interview her for the blog and when Melina replied, without a hint of hesitation and despite her busy schedule, saying that she would be thrilled to do it, it felt, once again, like a warm embrace.

via fashioned by love | Melina Gesto in Mango campaign
Most exciting thing about modelling...
Definitely travelling around the world, meeting new people every time, all with different experiences of life and new cultures.

How were you discovered?
I was 17 when Sidney Scott (Pink Models Management, Argentina) discovered me walking in the street and then patiently helped me to be prepared for this job.

Most unforgettable fashion experience so far...
First of all, having an opportunity to work and live in cities like London and Paris and experience them from a different perspective other than tourism. Also my first time at Paris fashion week, modelling exclusively for the Miu Miu show. 

Designers or brands you dream to work with...
I am not really sure, I don't know all the brands and designers yet. It's been a joy working with a lot of talented people from the industry and I am looking forward to meeting even more.

Your style in three words...
Casual, comfy and rock chic.

Make-up products you cannot be without...
Honestly, I don't use much make-up in my everyday life, only for special occasions, when it's necessary, but most of the time it's Rimmel. 

Favourite quote...
"Somos lo que hacemos para cambiar lo que somos" / "We are what as do to change what we are" Eduardo Galeano

Music/bands you are listening to right now...
The latest releases by Arctic Monkeys, Kinds of Leon and Vampire Weekend, and of course, The Beatles as a constant, they are my number one favourite band EVER, and also Argentinean bands - Pescado Rabioso, Soda Stereo and the latest album by Calle 13 from Puerto Rico.

Books or magazines?
I am more a book lover and enjoy writing, too. My favourite authors are Julio Cortazar, Jorge Luis Borges, Hermann Hesse and Eduardo Galeano.

Favourite season...
Autumn, the cold and the heat in better equilibrium, not too cold, not too hot.

Favourite colour...
Black - classic and rock...

Most favourite item in your wardrobe...
Leather jacket (faux leather)

Best way to relax...
Lying in the grass, close to the trees, music, books and my boyfriend.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you find yourself?
Somewhere near the mountains where the weather is beautiful and with everything from the previous question. 


Thank you to Natalie Hand and Viva London for helping me organise this interview. For any enquiries, please contact Viva London

Photo source: Russh #60 October/November 2014 (photography: Arno Frugier, styling: Anna Schiffel, make-up: Niamh Quinn, hair: Anee), Mango April 2014 campaign


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