Designer look for less: Michael Kors Spring 2014


Raise your hand if you loved Michael Kors Spring 2014 collection. Wasn't it just beautiful?! Everything on that runway was worthy of a wish list. If only money grew on trees... 

In reality we have three choices. The obvious one is to buy the original look including the feminine bow sweater, lady-like pleated midi skirt, hazelnut coloured Crista platforms and oversized Stanwyck clutch. If not, then wait for a special sale nervously playing with that wish list of ours and hoping for a miracle or simply shop my selection below. 

Michael Kors designer look for less

For the love of Michael Kors style I couldn't help but include that glowing make-up look Kors models are famous for. After using the base foundation of your choice, add the warmth with Sporty Bronze Powder in Glow dusting it along the hairline from temple to temple in a horseshoe shape. Accent the cheeks with rosy Sexy Bronze Powder in Flush. Cover the dark circles around the eyes with MAC eye shadow in Brule and use Glam lip lacquer in Dame on your lips.

If you don't fancy the products used for the show, recreate the look with RMS Beauty uncover-up, bronzer and Lip2Cheek in Illusive and Demure.

Now my job here is done. The most dangerous part of creating this kind of posts is that I always feel tempted to shop as soon as the post goes live and today may be exactly one of those occasions when I will be treating myself to a few goodies. Ah, we only live once after all!

Photo source: Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2014 via


  1. So nice!

  2. Haha I have to forbid myself to click these posts of you because I always want the outfit! This one is no exception, wauw! So so chique! And I really hope you win in the awards! I don't know if you have children, but Happy Mother's Day Natalia! xx

  3. You got the look down perfectly! That pleated skirt is everything I want to wear for summer! Loving it with the chunky plats- gorgeous inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Thanks a lot for showing this affordable alternative, now I'm honestly thinking about to buy this pieces. I love also the makeup you show here as I have a weakness for such effortless styles (or maybe I'm too less talented for more complex makeups).

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. That grey pleated skirt is gorgeous!

  6. Oh my! I'm tempted to go out and shop this look now, too - this was actually one of my (many) favourite looks from the Michael Kors collection. So wonderfully feminine!

  7. Наталия!
    Вы такая умничка!!!
    Майкл Корс комплект-великолепен:)
    Ну как Вы умудряетесь найти и подобрать все так здорово,включая все детали!

  8. Great post! I love this look!!

  9. I love your look for less. I have voted for you and wish you good luck. I have to admit I almost gave up. You have to click quite a lot :D

    xx Mira

  10. The make-up is gorgeous! And so are the clothes in the first photo you posted. I voted for our blog. Good luck!

  11. I agree...the collection was stunning.
    There's something so simple yet timeless about grays too.
    Paired with just the right soft colors, it's a very cool and modern look.
    Love the choices you gave and those prices are definitely more my style too ;)

  12. Great post, I love Michael Kors for its available elegance.and the makeup, must try it! Caroline

  13. What a great translation of the designer version! And the makeup look: amazing!

  14. I love MK :)

  15. Absolutely loved his collection. I love a pleated skirt. This is lovely!!! Great match Natalia.