Inna Zobova, Peter Lindbergh & Bruno Aveillan join forces for The Heart Fund


Inna Zobova and Peter Lindbergh behind the scene working on a campaign for The Heart Fund
Live your day as if it was your last... A great statement to adopt as a motto if only everything was as simple as it seemed. When Inna Zobova was born with a heart defect,  her parents had to get used to the idea that each day could, indeed, be the very last one in their baby's life. Every moment spent together was turned into a memory, six years worth of those, to be precise, because one day the little girl had a surgery that mended her heart and changed the entire future.

With Bruno Aveillan on film set, behind the scenes
Inna grew up, became a successful fashion model, a wife, a mother to a wonderful boy and an ambassador for the Heart Fund, an initiative founded by Dr David Luu to fight heart disease and help children from the developing countries by proving them with the diagnosis and treatment that can safe their lives.

Inna Zobova at the movie set, behind the scenes
"I feel so happy to be, to live, to see the eyes of my mum, son, husband and people around me. The only reason I am here today is because of that surgery. There was a moment when I realised that the best way to use my celebrity status is to help everyone facing the same problem me and my family did once. 
My personal experience is what inspires me to help these children. 
This is something I need to do."

After hosting the Fund's first annual charity event in Cannes, Inna not only joined the project, but did everything in her power to attract as much attention to it as she possibly could. She began with a powerful and inspirational campaign photographed by Peter Lindbergh who not only created beautiful portraits, but filled each black and white image with emotions that "made the hearts beat'.

Inna Zobova and Peter Lindbergh
When I ask Inna what it was like to work with one of the most iconic fashion photographers, her face lit up: "It was so easy to work with Mr Lindbergh. We understood each other from the start. He supported my vision and helped me pick the final look for the shoot - an elegant and exquisite white Doo Ri suit. He didn't want it to look to fashion'y, too editorial - just pure and simple. It was such a enjoyable process. I hope one day these photos will be displayed in every fashion capital and make people realise that heart disease doesn't mean a death sentence. There's always hope."

"Heart disease doesn't mean a death sentence. 
There's always hope." 

The project that turned into an emotional journey through time and continents took a year to complete and was documented by Bruno Aveillan who directed a short film to be shown alongside the printed campaign. 

Inna Zobova & Tom Pecheux
The final result will be revealed on 21 May at the Generous People Ball and on The Heart Fund website, but in a meantime I wanted to share a few precious exclusive shots from behind the scenes and one of the campaign images that Inna kindly sent me.

With a special Thank you to Peter Lindbergh, Bruno Aveillan, Stefan Rappo, Marc Brincourt, Vlada Krassnikova, Zoe Balthus, Tom Pecheux, Martine de Menton pour le stylisme de Penelope, Penelope Combes, Adrien Combes, Coralie Rubio, Natalie Aveillan and Raphael Ibanez de Garayo.

Photo source: C/O Inna Zobova


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