John Galliano & L'Etoile creating beautiful future


John Galliano & L'Etoile | Vogue Russia
Yes, it's the second post today, but I had to share it as soon as the latest news on John Galliano collaboration with the Russian beauty company L'Etoile became available.

I was so moved, happy, overjoyed to read the official statement saying that "L'Etoile, the country's biggest cosmetic and beauty chain, is proud to announce that John Galliano is officially hired as the company's artistic director." 

John Galliano is to work with L'Etoile Russia on make-up and accessories lines
"The genius of modern design, Mr Galliano will be working on the company's visual branding as well as taking part in creating collections of make-up and accessories... to open new horizons and build the new era of beauty" they added. 

I think it's time to open a bottle of champagne and call my mum with a long shopping list. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and I want to dance and sing and do all kinds of crazy childish things right now because I can finally relax and be happy.

For John.

He really deserves this.


  1. I am half and half on this glad he is back but still thinking about the horrible things he said

  2. Great post darling John Galianno
    Is othe of the best disingers ever :)
    So I really enjoy reding your post
    Great blog

  3. Oh my goodness, would you like to call your mum with my shopping list as well?! I have been waiting for the moment that John Galliano would go back to work since the moment he left Dior and it has finally arrived! It is a wonderful day indeed :)

  4. Perhaps this will be a great move for him! :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Fashion Tales Blog

  5. УРА!!!
    Настоящая,восхитительная новость!!!
    Буду с нетерпением ждать новых сообщений,попутешествовать в безумно прекрасный мир Галияно!!!
    Прекрасных выходных,Наташенька:)))

  6. I feel as if you are my twin. I have exactly the same emotions as you (always had ,btw) as for John"s career ,his fall and his new show up. He will always be my
    'kumir" (a stupid word, sorry) no matter what. Thanks for sharing these amazing news

  7. John Galliano and makeup!!! How brilliant! He's going to be awesome. I hadn't heard of that brand. Will definitely keep up with this. Thanks Natalia!!