Bill Cunningham New York


Bill Cunningham
On a rainy day somewhere in Paris photographers are queuing outside a grey building hoping to get in and see a fashion show. Among them there is a smiling old guy with a camera waiting for his turn. My heart sinks for I cannot believe that the security has to check their list before letting him through. Suddenly, another man appears, greets the guy and gently pushes him in, sheltering from the elements, noisy crowds and people who failed to recognised Bill Cunningham, the most legendary street style photographer of all times...

Not that Cunningham cares much about fame or special treatment. He lives a very simple life, in a tiny studio flat above Carnegie Hall* comforted by piles and piles of fashion books and furnished with filing cabinets containing precious negatives of every single picture he's ever taken. Every day, rain or shine, he jumps on his bicycle to re-discover New York all over again, find people who make fashion happen, photograph them and chronicle their unique style and looks on the pages of The New York Times.

Bill Cunningham New York documentary
Fashion is his passion, his true love, something he deeply understands and knows a lot about. For over five decades Cunningham has been documenting the most important and exiting moments of it embodied in the clothes people wear and now, finally, he is put in the limelight, in a film called Bill Cunningham New York...

I watched it a few days ago... The story that made me smile, but it also made me cry because I felt that, once again, people whose opinion and work truly matter to the industry and its history are never appreciated as much as they deserve simply because they care more about preserving the true meaning of fashion than the labels they are wearing.

* by the time the film was released Cunningham moved to another accommodation overlooking Central park

A must-see, Bill Cunningham New York is available on Amazon / photo via Colorado college Blogs


  1. I saw the film a while back and like it very much, especially his perspective and how it was shot. Happy Friday!
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  2. Oh, Natalia this has been on my very serious to-watch list! Ya know what? Since London is so depressing today, I might just watch it tonight :)

  3. Lovely ^^


  4. Having just watched the clip I can see that this is definitely a must-see. I haven't heard of the film before so thank you for mentioning it.

  5. when i think new york street style, he's the first person that comes to mind. glad to see there is finally a movie on him!

  6. His section in the Sunday NY times are a favorite and admire him for being soo humble

  7. I have yet to watch this but it's on my list. I had the pleasure of spotting Mr. Cunningham at work on Madison Avenue once and it was such a treat.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. This sounds like a must watch - it really is true that those who defiantly resist fads and trends are never appreciated as they should be, at least during their lifetime. It's a sad thing, but the truth is, most of them care little for fame, anyway.

  9. Thanks a lot dear Natalia, for your hin to this film as I'm impressed by Bill Cunningham and his work since a longer time :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  10. I saw a documentary of him the other day during Cph fashion week - FAB guy and his images are still spot on. Happy weekend,

  11. Oh very inspiring!

  12. i've heard about him Natalia! i'm going to watch this!