Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 trends
Normally when Phoebe Philo says "Jump" I just listen and record... Not because I am stubborn (though I really am!) - the fear of having an army of the "Phoebe/Celine cult" followers jumping alongside me (or wearing/carrying the same thing) is enough to put me off the most beautiful pieces for life or at least a few seasons... 

However spotting a single statement earring was different. I reminded me of my student years when I made those oversized "chandeliers" and proudly wore them, one at a time... I had a short bob haircut swapped to one side, with the rest - tucked behind my ear that served as a perfect display for my DIY jewellery.

Celine Fall 2014 | trends | single earring
I think it will be wonderful to find a beautiful (and maybe vintage) trinket and allow it to be the only accessory, tell a story and remind me of my old style adventures. Besides, those earrings were also seen at Louis Vuitton and who am I to argue with Nicolas?

Are you with me?

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  1. Great post, and I just bough one single statement earring.

  2. Urgh how about no :) I don't like this trend at all! Love the earrings though! But there should be two :) haha xx

  3. Доброе утро Вам,Наташенька!

    Я очень люблю длинные или как Вы их забавно назвали "люстры" серьги:)
    Особенно мне нравятся они когда волосы убраны от лица высоко или же просто в хвост.... Это придает особый шарм моднице и скорее всего выделяет серьги.
    Правда я ношу длинные серьги с удовольствием,только пожалуй не так сильно загружённые различными дополнительным деталями.
    А уж что касается вечерних так называемых выходов в свет,то это абсолютный мой партнер в наряде!

    Хорошей Вам недели:)

  4. I am with you--- as wonderfully chic as I find all things Phoebe Philo, I try to embrace her trends sparingly. That being said, their is something incredibly chic about this one. I have two holes pierced in one ear and a single in the other, so I am thinking of playing around with this look accordingly…

  5. Yes ! I love single


  6. They are beautiful, I'd love to find a pair too, maybe in a charity shop or something like that x
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  7. I use to wear one earring in the 80s, i am a big fan of this trend!

  8. How interesting. I think a single earring will work really well with a short hairdo, hair on one side tucked behind the ear, as you described.

  9. Very much wish I could wear pieces like these, but my poor ear doesn't take kindly to heavier ear pieces as they start to feel sore :(

  10. Louis Vuitton is always a favorite of mine.
    XO, Gina

  11. Fortunately I haven't to answer this question for myself as I even haven't earholes :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  12. I use to have several pairs of statement earrings. Loved them! Now I'm a simple pearl girl. HaHaHa

  13. The single earring is one thing that I will admit, while I love the look of, I will never be able to do myself. I love symmetry; matching hair and nails, matching bag and shoes and always, always, earrings on both ears :)

  14. these earrings are disaster :(

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  15. i have rocked this trend on accident! but what was lacking was the large trinket, like these. i need to up my game.

  16. I agree with Emilie; there should be two!