Bare minimum


Hana Jirickova in Provence for Lovers editorial | Vogue Russia August 2014 (photography: David Mushegain, styling: Olga Dunina)
They come and go, the slip dresses, the barely there nothings suspended on thin spaghetti straps... And I just adore them, those glorious dainty beauties! I melt every time we cross our paths and I simply want them all, almost all... 

In a midst of fading autumn, as the spring collections made their first appearance, I fell in love with the Max Mara Ebbri, in silvery grey - after all who would not? It was irresistibly gorgeous in its timeless chic simplicity... The blue Maiyet was equally wonderful, but its four-figure price tag made my life feel totally unfair. So it was TheOutnet and one of their fantastic 80% off designer sales, the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy.

Ralph Lauren Campaign 1978
I've wondered when this shape was first introduced to us as a dress rather than lingerie... The Ralph Lauren ad made it obvious that women enjoyed this style in the 1970 so much so that the slip made its way into the late 80s (Amber, Linda, Christy, Nadege... more Linda), the 90s (lots and lots of Kate Moss), mid-00s (think Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2006, for example), appearing here and there every 10 years or so until it finally hit the catwalk in 2013 (and made me feast my eyes on that  unforgettable Max Mara number!)

Nadege Du Bospertus in Nude Study editorial | Vogue US November 1989 (photography: Peter Lindbergh,  styling: Grace Coddington)
Even better, the slips make a wonderful transition piece as they moved into the fall season, too - sheltered under chunky cardigans, masculine coats and shearling jackets they made the upcoming winter feel less severe, more romantic and feminine.

Kate Moss in Harpers's Bazaar US November 1997 (photography: Mario Sorrenti)
Another great thing about a good slip? It keeps you in shape! No more excuses about short days, cold mornings and no motivation to exercise - those dresses require toned arms and elegant slim shoulders. Might sound like a challenge, but just imagine how wonderful you would feel and look at the end.

Naomi Campbell in Fresh Tones editorial | Harper's Bazaar February 1997 (photography: Peter Lindbergh, styling Tonne Goodman)
What do you think of this style? Would you wear it?

Photo source: Hana Jirickova in Provence for Lovers editorial | Vogue Russia August 2014 (photography: David Mushegain, styling: Olga Dunina), Ralph Lauren ad campaign 1978, Nadege Du Bospertus in Nude Study editorial | Vogue US November 1989 (photography: Peter Lindbergh, styling: Grace Coddington), Kate Moss in Harpers's Bazaar US November 1997 (photography: Mario Sorrenti), Naomi Campbell in Fresh Tones editorial | Harper's Bazaar February 1997 (photography: Peter Lindbergh, styling Tonne Goodman), Kate Moss in Vogue US November 1998 (photography: Michael Thompson), slip dresses on a runway at Chalayan Spring/Summer 2014, Emilia Wickstead Spring/Sumemr 2014, Max Mara Spring/Summer 2014, Wes Gordon Spring/Summer 2014, Maiyet Spring/Summer 2014, Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2014, Wes Gordon Fall/Winter 2014, Chalayan Fall/Winter 2014, Derek Lam Fall/Winter 2014 via


  1. I adore this look, it's so feminine and beautiful but I don't have the figure to pull it off. Wah!

    Tara x

  2. Oh, maybe is that the reason I have some troubles to wear this kind of dresses, the fear to not appear that much in shape, especially in the arms!:P But I totally love slip dresses too, I wanna get one as the first! Happy weekend Natalia, kisses! xo

    1. I think using a cardigan or jacket of some sort is a good idea to enjoy this style, but also feel comfortable about yourself. :) Plus you have beautiful arms, Lilli! You don't need to worry about things like that. x

  3. I absolutely love slip dresses especially with a chunky cardi as pictured in the first exquisite image.
    Great post.
    XO, Gina

  4. I have never bought something similar, because I am still convinced that is lingerie, I am too narrow minded,,,,
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Very chic inspiration, the slip dress is truly an elegant and very sexy classic. Thanks so much for your great comment…have a wonderful weekend!

  6. nice pics! ;>>

    new post

  7. Очень нравится такой стиль на лето,очень жаркое.... Когда не хочется вообще ничего надевать:)))
    А вот доя вечернего туалета я с удовольствием надену легкое платье на бретельках спагетти,но мне бы хотелось поверх надеть легкий классический пиджак или же рбъёмную столу-шарф....
    Думаю что очень многих женщин покоряет легкость,непринуждённость и романтичность этого стиля:)))

    Светлых и чудесных Вам выходных,Наташенька!

  8. That first dress is gorgeous! I love the way slip dresses look but they are personally a little too bare for me.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Those dresses are just divine

  10. Good inspiration for me :)


  11. A lot of inspiration!!!
    Great post!
    Kisses honey!!!

  12. It's so weird that you should do a post on this, as I've been searching high and low today in an attempt to hunt down the perfect slip dress (and satin/silk camis) because it is by far my favourite trend of all time. The Ralph Lauren ad you've shared is so beautiful and ethereal, I just want to find the perfect slip dress even more now! Have a wonderful weekend :)
    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  13. I LOVE this look, something so sexy and chic about a slip dress for day. Especially paired with flats! Glamour goddess in the make...just rocked a floor length blue slip for my bday a few weeks back, definitely a showstopper! <3

    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. Great Post ,love the Images <3


  15. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog love! Obsessed with all of these. So good xx

  16. As much as I love these styles - and I do, oh how I do - there is something about them that I think, on my curvy frame, looks a bit too much like lingerie for everyday wear. But they are just dreamy on others!

    1. It's all about the shape - they don't have to be the classic slip style, but more of a cocoon like the Maiyet one, for example. And the length and type of fabric, of course - they can make a huge difference, too. :)

  17. I dare to say that these kind of dresses is the one I would die in.
    So simple, so seducive, attractive.
    If you want to follow each other, just let me know!

  18. Love the slip dress, used to wear them, but lately I'm more like a trousers / shorts kinda gal :-) Hope your Summer was great Natalia - take care and happy weekend,

  19. They're gorgeous! I've always liked them. I'm too heavy chested for them though.

  20. I love a slip dress as well--- the barely there element… so beautiful. More challenging to wear when a toddler is climbing all over me, but a girl can dream--- right???

  21. I adore the sleek simplicity of a slipdress, dear Natalia!! In fact, one of my most favourite dresses happens to be of the "slip" variety...I'm sure it's been part of my wardrobe for twenty years now!!