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Catherine McNeil in Vogue Australia Septeber 2010 (photography: Nicole Bentley, styling: Victoria Collison)
"There are so many women who understand nothing about clothes and they should try and understand themselves before they start putting on disguises; they should stand in front of the mirror for a day, two or three, and find out what they have which is beautiful, interesting; what they should show: hair, neck, arms or hands. They must realise themselves and then find their unique shape, their own uniform."

Sonia Rykiel

Photo source: Catherine McNeil in Vogue Australia Septeber 2010 (photography: Nicole Bentley, styling: Victoria Collison)


  1. Love it ^^


  2. Hi Natalia, this is one of my fav quotes among the ones you shared so far. Is so true and I think is something a woman learn with the ages, when she is adult and more aware of herself :) Kisses! xo

  3. at 37, i'm still looking for the outward beauty in myself. :)

  4. Definitely! Knowing oneself first is the start of being able to share who YOU are with the world. I also agree with Lilli above, with age does come wisdom and iI will add "a different type of confidence." :)

    Day to Night Style

  5. Well said Sonia! Women should really learn to have a better understanding of themselves but I guess that wisdom comes with age as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Great quote, I love it! ^_^
    Nice blog, dear!

  7. Wise words from a wise woman! This really resonates, but I think that you keep getting to know yourself as you age, which is why personal style is a constantly evolving thing... until you do find who you are.

    xx Hélène

  8. Very well said! I always find it baffling how people can pay little attention to fashion when our clothes are the first thing that everyone judges when they see us.

  9. I agree! What looks good on one, will not look good on another. It took me awhile to learn what looks good on me. HaHaHa

  10. Such a true quoute! Definitely worth reading by every woman out there! x