Why do we shop?


Christy Turlington in Vive Paris! | Vogue Italia February 1992 (photography: Steven Meisel, styling: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele)
A couple of weeks ago, the time so hot that it was more about peeling off the layers and baring my pale self than wrapping it all up, I suddenly decided that I most definitely needed a pair of boots - the desire so strong that it turned into a moment of obsession. I search, and browsed, and dreamed, and tried, but alas, as the days went by, remained bootless. Somehow none of the contenders were good enough. I felt somewhat frustrated and temporarily filed the idea until later. 

And then, as the "later" came, I suddenly calmed down. The thought of shopping completely varnished and the peace of mind was restored. I also realised that I was due... 

It made everything clear because, unlike many women who drown their emotions in a tub of Haagen Daz (by the way, many find alcohol more tempting, too!) or comfort their PMS-related cravings by eating copious amount of chocolate, I shop... Or rather - think of shopping...

I noticed this tendency a few years ago. At first blamed my sudden interest in beautiful merchandise to a very stressful job - it was a good enough explanation. As the time went by and my office days became a thing of the past, I leant (as a part of my nutrition studies) that our hormones can play serious tricks with our mind just before "that time of the month" including our increased desire to part with cash and buy something...

The official research stated that it was due to the fact that the hormonal changes made women feel more attractive thus increasing their need to prettify themselves further while another one talked about the endorphins and emotional release... Who knew... Obviously, I would have made the perfect specimens for a case study, should they needed anyone at the time.

And if the hormones aren't to blame... What are the other reasons? It's not as if we have nothing to wear: if the shops were suddenly closed, I am sure most of us would still have sufficient supply of clothes and shoes, right there, in our own wardrobes.

Yet we shop... Because something is too beautiful to leave behind... And because building a perfect wardrobe is a process of trial and error, a practical action rather than theory... Sometimes it can be boredom... Or frustration... At times we shop to annoy other women... or seduce a man... It has also something to do with the love of trends, fashion or clothes... or a therapeutical exercise of loving yourself. And once in a while we simply want to dream... Enhance the reality with the help of fashion. I guess, it's all good as long as we smile at the end... Otherwise why bother? 

And now it's your turn to confess... Why do you shop?

Photo source: Christy Turlington in Vive Paris! | Vogue Italia February 1992 (photography: Steven Meisel, styling: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele)


  1. Lovely Chanel


  2. I totally agree with your considerations, I shop for stress and to feel somehow pampered by my new clothes or accessories!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. It all makes sense now! Haha!! Love this post! Thinking about it now, I don't really know why I shop. Sometimes I just cant stop myself.

    Rachel xx

  4. Firstly what a perfect image to accompany your post which I found so thought-provoking. You are right, if the shops closed we would all have plenty of cothes to wear! I'm not sure why I shop but I know I can't resist beautiful clothes which I think I learnt from my Mum many years ago!

  5. very interesting theory with the hormones!!

  6. Great Post! As someone who is surrounded my new clothes all the time, I finally got to the point that I just couldn't justify shopping anymore. I have so many resources because we make almost anything you can imagine at my company (I am very lucky.) At this point for me, shopping is a social activity to enhance my friendships and a way to spend time with people I love.

  7. Great post!
    I am a shopping lieve


  8. Very interesting! When I'm bored or frustrated, I spend too much time browsing online stores :)

  9. I like to shop in small increments. A cute outfit here, a nail lacquer and lipstick there. It makes me feel good :).

  10. This is such a loaded question. But for me personally, I shop to cope - if I am unhappy in some aspect of my life, or not finding fulfillment in something (like work, which happens often), I tend to turn to pretty things to fill the emotional void. Although I was surrounded by everything a girl could want in Paris, I shopped far less than I do in Vancouver, where not a pay day goes by that I don't feel the need to treat myself to something. This week, indeed, it will be boots.

  11. I shop because I need (of course) whatever I'm buying and I like to change things up once in a while.

  12. Shopping is my sport, dear Natalia!! And the best part of it is that I stay clean and dry and still smell nice when the "game" is over for another day!! ;D