NYFW S/S 2015: the shoe you need to buy now


Sachin & Babi Spring/Summer 2015
Technically speaking, these shoes are more like cousins rather than twins, but if we skip the strict rules of the fashion history and stick with the style only, it is possible to say that the brogues and the oxfords are a kind of shoe that is certainly worth an investment. Firstly, because they have hardly changes since over the last hundred or so years - both are a laced shoe with its vamp stitched to the quarters, which are joined by the lacing, only the Irish-born Brogue is more decorative, heavily perforated and adorned with elegant touches (not that the Irish and Scotts added the hole to prettify the shoe - originally, it was simply to let the water out during long hunting trips).

Karen Walker Spring/Summer 2015
Mara Hoffman Spring/Summer 2015
Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2015
Sally La Pointe Spring/Summer 2015
Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2015
Choosing between the Brogue and the Oxford is like picking your favourite parent - a difficult task, to put it mildly. I love both of them equally, switching between the style depending on the outfit, my mood and inspiration, which, since I am a walking cliche, is often based on the visual memories of black-and-white movies, the glamour of old Hollywood and the photos of elegant socialites from the 1930-1940 dressed in beautiful white midi dresses and flat laced shoes - another item from the men's wardrobe women happily "borrowed", with some help from Chanel, of course. 

It was wonderful to see the return of the lace shoe that appeared in a few collections during the fashion week. It's practicality is truly undeniable and the masculine vibe suits the New York theme perfectly. And although I may not be visiting the city any time soon, I will definitely be looking for another pair - as if I've ever needed an excuse for that. 

Oxfords and brogues for women, to suit all budgets and styles
Where to buy: 1. Black goose nappa leather lace-ups, 2. Iguana embossed cream leather oxfords, 3. Vintage inspired oxfords (also in gold, midnight blue and oxblood), 4. Silver leather "Venus" oxfords, 5. Cut-out leather oxfords (also in oxblood), 6. Camel suede look lace-up brogues, 7. Nude leather brogues (and here), 8. White leather and raffia brogues, 9. Tan leather brogues, 10. Pink flat lace-up shoes (also in tan)

Photo source: brogues & oxfords at Sachin & Babi, Karen Walker, Mara Hoffman, Oscar de la Renta, Sally LaPointe & Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2015 via style.com


  1. ooh, fabulous post. I actually don't a own a pair but I've seen a few this season that I love. I'm thinking maybe burgundy.
    hope you are having a great week.
    XO, Gina

  2. Amazing pieces, chic and minimalist


  3. Я очень люблю такой стиль в обуви: спортивно-элегантные!

    Хорошей Вам недели,Наташенька!

  4. Classy, yet comfy shoes!


  5. I really like this style, but I don't have it in my closet yet. Time to shop!


  6. Brogues!! love love them

    Giana. Lds

  7. Those shoes are all so lovely! They're looking really pretty :)


  8. Oxfords, brogues, love them all! I can't decide which i like best, like you said, it's like choosing your favorite parent, ha!

    Classics worth the investment, absolutely.

    xx Hélène

  9. I think they're so cool! I love the different styles they're coming out with.

  10. Thanks for this helpful post! Fortunately I own alrealdy a few pairs of these shoes and you remembered me to wear them again :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  11. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I frequently forget the difference between Oxfords and brogues. But I love both :)

  12. I'm completely into that! The big problem is just to find the perfect ones. I've been craving for a patent model, and that has been a tricky thing, there always something wrong about every single pair I've been seeing.