Bag of the month: October is for Smythson


Smythson Panama tote bag
Am I the only person not talking about Halloween today? Well, there's a huge bowl of sweets in my kitchen for the kids, so I feel like my job here is done as far as the scariest night goes.

Instead I am going to talk about my latest bag of the month and introduce you to this monochrome beauty from the Smythson Panama collection, inspired by the portable diary created by Frank Smythson in 1908 and nicknamed "the Panama hat of books".

This classy tote is not just a life-saver for those girls who love or need to carry their life around, it's a statement that the owner of such a bag appreciates true elegance and knows the meaning of timeless style. 

It's classy, spacious and crafted to perfection from the cross-grain calf leather. It has just the right amount of light gold hardware. And the most scrumptious rose suede lining that does not only make it easy to navigate inside the bag, but puts a satisfied happy smile on your face every time you see that powdery surface. 

The tote is waiting for you at Smythson and Matches. Make a date and make it yours - you'll be best friends forever. 


  1. We have very early work in the morning, so it's just going to be films tonight, no late-parties.The bag is gorgeous! A good tote is essential for me! :)Patterns and Comfort

  2. I see around you arent the only one!:) Love this tote, my kind of bag indeed. Is classy and very chic!:) Happy Halloween Natalia and enjoy the weekend! xo

  3. I love pumpkins! That's all what can make me thinking about Halloween....:)))
    And this bag is truly darling!
    Comfortable,classy and I think,very high quality!
    Wishing you sweet weekend,Natashen'ka!:)))

  4. such a lovely tote! happy weekend to you!

  5. Lovely bag ^^


  6. i like this bag

  7. Seems to be the perfect elegant versatile bag! Every girl definitely needs one!

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    xoxo Julia from

  8. This bag is a beauty! It has a great classic look and the size makes it quite versatile.

  9. Smythson make beautiful luxury bags and leather accessories. I find it a bit of a shame that they are not as popular as they'd deserve to be. Therefore great that you are featuring them in this post.

  10. Ha ha, you're not the only one, Natalia - we didn't even have sweets at our place, and I don't think any kids came! As far as I'm concerned, it's a much better day for talking about beautiful handbags :)

  11. that bag is really beautiful- it is easy and chic

  12. Dear Natalia, so I'm not the only one who is not totally into Helloween :) But you found again such a wonderful bag, wow, I like the shape really. Thanks a lot for sharing and happy rest of the weekend <3
    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  13. I'm gravitating toward bigger bags! I love the black and white combination. Just lovely.