Beautiful dozen: grey coats | 2014 edit


Lydia Willemina Collins in Harper's Bazaar Australia September 2013 (photography: Simon Upton, styling: Tamara McQuillan)
Lets move swiftly from the classic camel coats to the ones in every shade of grey, the colour I adore and the garment that always brings back memories

Grey cover-ups were a part of my "Beautiful dozen" series last year, in their most classic versions to treasure for years to come, and it was interesting for me to go back and see how the fashion offerings of shapes and colours has changed since then: the coats became more sporty, more masculine, but still retained some feminine softness, the cocooning effect, the cosiness... 

And, of course, grey became one of the 2014 trends. The classic turned the latest must-have (and, wonderfully so, it was more about the colours of nature and not a certain over-hyped book/film) and made my job of picking up the cream of crop much easier - the high street had plenty of beautiful and affordable options that looked just as gorgeous as the designer ultimate fantasies without being too dramatic on the wallet, but still delivering that sublime quality we all dream of.

After all, our coat is what we end up wearing and seeing the most. It conceals pretty much everything we have underneath, our most stylish choices and occasional faux pas, satisfies our natural need for warmth and even more natural desire to take somebody's breath away and, lets admit, it really is a grown-up version of a comfort blanket. Obviously, it's got to be good.

Do you even think about that sensual movement of your coat when you walk? The soft lines? The moment that feels like a hug? To me, these are the signs of a perfect coat.

And how would I wear my greys? Keeping the lines simple and playing with textures instead. Going for cashmere, merino, wool and silk. Head to toe, monochromatic, blending two or three different grey-on-grey hues, or mixing with a little white, dusty rose or burgundy as long as the result is muted, calm and quiet. 

via fashionedbylove: grey coats edit for all budgets | Jaeger, Joseph, TopShop, M&S, MSMG, Valentino, Stella McCartney
Where to buy: 1. Slim colourless coat, 2. Single breasted light grey coat, 3. Light grey felt long coat, 4. Oversized two-tone wool coat, 5. Grey wool coat, 6. Double-faced herringbone coat, 7. Grey wool-blend oversized coat, 8. Wool & angora blend coat, 9. Grey wool cape, 10. Cashmere-blend coat, 11. Straight cut wool-blend coat, 12. Fluffy double collar coat

Photo source: Lydia Willemina Collins in Harper's Bazaar Australia September 2013 (photography: Simon Upton, styling: Tamara McQuillan) via fgr


  1. Touches of grey for today! Mmmmmm.... Dreamy nice choices:)
    My favs.are here: #3 #4 #6 #9
    I'd like this phrase you've created about coats: "cocooning effect,cosiness"-this is exactley what I feel!:)
    I am a very big cashmerelover!

  2. i am loving camel coats and these grey ones, too!

  3. All of these are sublime. I too always think of the movement my coat makes when I'm wearing it. Grey might be a trend, but it's a timeless obsession for me! (and i know for you too :)

    xx Hélène

  4. Grey is so elegant! I have a dark grey coat but i am dreaming about a light one... nevery satisifed haha


  5. I like 7 and 11! Great compilation of grey coats.

  6. I just love #4 - shame about the price tag! ;)

    Tara x

  7. I'd like one of each please! But especially one of number 3 and number 12 :)

  8. Those are pretty. Great color to have in your closet.