Beautiful dozen: camel coats | 2014 edit


Aymeline Valade wearing Mango camel coat in S Moda August 2014 (photography: Damon Baker, styling: Francesca Rinciari)
Are you still looking for that perfect camel coat? Then I may have something for you. I know I talked about them last year (and probably a year before that), but despite being a classic, the camel coat is something that has to be revisited every season. Our lives change and so do the figures and collections - naturally, the wardrobe has to reflect that somehow. 

Perhaps, buying a new coat every year is not for everyone. I, certainly, believe that it's best to invest into something rather special than spend the hard-earned money on a piece of clothing that will only last you a year or two... But then, again, it's all relevant... Some may only be satisfied with the ultimate MaxMara luxury, while others will be just as happy wrapping into a Mango or Uniqlo

As somebody who's experienced both, I can honestly say that the most important thing is to find a coat that makes you feel feel protected and beautiful. Something with a great fit and cut. Ideally, made from wool, cashmere or camel fabrics, and not acrylic or polyester (including the lining - definitely look for silk, cupro or viscose) . Something that gives you the most mind-melting feeling of cosiness and makes you close your eyes and smile.

Once you are ready to begging your search, remember to have fun shopping! It's not a military operation or chore. It's a search for your new best friend. In reality, we are spoilt for choice these days - the high street has so many gorgeous options that a girl can truly indulge without fear of going broke. The edit below is a great example of that, though there are some MaxMara's there, too - it would be unfair, disrespectful even, to forget about the classics...

via fashionedbylove: camel coats for every budget, autumn/winter 2014 edition

Photo source: Aymeline Valade wearing Mango camel coat in S Moda August 2014 (photography: Damon Baker, styling: Francesca Rinciari)


  1. I still have to find the perfect one and Im really craving for one soon as I totally love this garment. I have to go to Mango and see what they have now :) Kisses Natalia, have a wonderful weekend!:*

  2. I would love to add a camel coat to my wardrobe but I have to find just the right shade as camel is a color that can wash me out.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I have a straight camel coat while I'd love one with a belt to be tied :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  4. wow these are gorgeous! I always like people who wear this type especially this colour but I never be able to pull it off! great post :) x

  5. Beautiful camel coats, I definitely need to invest in one!

    Bella Pummarola

  6. Wow, I love those! My favourite is number 9 :)

  7. What a lovely selection! Love the cut of #4 :)

  8. Мой любимый цвет и фасон, то что нужно, Наташа! Чудесная подборка, мне хочется все и сразу))
    Хороших выходных!

  9. I am loving 8, 10 and 11! I still need to get one Natalia. It's a classic coat.

  10. My eyes fell on the exquisite MaxMara coat immediately. And this is why, while I dream of my own camel coat, I continue to wear my mum's oversized and ultimately unflattering version from the 70s... I want my dream coat, and I had yet to find it in my price range.