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When I first started this blog, I shared quite a few posts dedicated to Parisiennes and their style. Naturally, it's time to add another story, a list extracted from the How to be Parisian book I talked about a couple of days ago and a shopping guide that combines everything I recently found online and have been thinking of. 

I must admit that, whenever I happen to create this kind of "essential wardrobe", it makes me wonder why on Earth I'd need anything else. Perhaps, the only items I'd add here would be a skirt, a black dress, a pair of trousers, a coat and a pair of classic court shoes... 

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A long trench (for warmer weather): you know it doesn't keep you as warm as a down jacket. But when you put on a down jacket, you feel like you're voluntarily adding extra love handles.

The oversized sweater that slips off your shoulder: it's as soft as a teddy bear, as calming as Xanax, as wide as a screen, perfect for days when you feel your hips too much. If you only have one, make sure it's cashmere. 

The little black blazer: it smartens up a scruffy pair of jeans and you wear it on days when you don't want to make it look too obvious that you don't feel like making an effort.

An oversized shirt: you always undo one extra button, so it doesn't look too serious... 

Jeans: any time, anywhere. and any way.

Ballet flats: your equivalent of slippers; you don't choose between comfort and elegance; for you, it's all or nothing. 

A small silk scarf: first, it adds a touch of colour to a dark outfit without running the risk of a fashion faux pas. Then, when it rains, you wear it over your head like Romy Schneider.

Basic oversized sunglasses: every day, even when it's raining...

The bag: it's not an accessory, it's your home. Beautiful on the outside, that's just to keep up appearances.

A very simple, but very expensive t-shirt whose finely woven and slightly transparent thread make it feel like cashmere.

A thick scarf: precisely because you don't own a parka. And despite pretending otherwise, sometimes you get cold. 

Men's shoes: the very essence of your style.

The white shirt: it's iconic and timeless.

A little treat / a signature item, the vital detail that brings the outfit together, head to toe, a gift that a woman gives to herself depending on her age, her taste and the size of her purse, something that states "it makes me happy" - like this hand-made rose gold and silk cord bracelet...

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Photo source: Edita Vilkeviciute at Paris fashion week via PopSugar


  1. I really need to invest in some classic wardrobe staples!

    Tara x

  2. I just looove this trench coat ! Very nice list


  3. Интересный пост.....полезно как всегда

  4. Perhaps in this respect I am not very Parisian at all - but if that's the case, very few of my Parisian friends are, either ;) While this truly is the perfect round-up of wardrobe essentials, there is no doubt that I feel I need a bit more than the basics in my closet.

  5. These are definitely the perfect wardrobe basics! I need that grey sweater!

    Bella Pummarola

  6. I just found your blog, and I love your post. Your outfit collection is fantastic, I am now crushing on the pair of shoes on the left. Your outfit is absolutely adorable as well. I love how everything goes together, I want everything you have, and that jacket looks really comfortable.
    Messy Bits // Bloglovin

  7. I need both a long and short trench.

  8. Wow pretty! Try to visit they have nice dresses and accessories too!