Deitas: exclusive interview


Josephine Dahlin & Madeleine Engelbert, designer duo and founders of Deitas + exclusive interview
Deitas was born in Sweden in 2012. Founded by Josephine Dahlin and Madeleine Engelbert, two friends united by an idea of making luxury a part of daily life, it was a perfectly executed vision of modern elegance, a collection of wardrobe essentials that would make any woman feel like a siren, a   beautiful enchantress, and turn the process of dressing up into an indulgent treat. Made from the most wonderful Italian silks, those shirts, blouses and dresses were a vision of pure perfection and allure and quickly attracted much-deserved attention. 

I discovered the brand last September at London Fashion Week and fell in love with the clean lines and a sensation of seductive purity and calm those clothes gave me. And then there was a dress... because there's aways the dress. It was called Hailey - a dreamy creation, as light as a breath of fresh spring air, that I wanted to touch and hold, and love, and wear... 

And with Hailey began another fashion love story that led to an interview I would love to share with you today.


WHO: Josephine Dahlin & Madeleine Engelbert, designer duo & founders of Deitas

WHAT: effortlessly luxurious wardrobe classics

WHERE: shop at Deitas official website and follow the designers on Instagram

WHY: It's about attention to details, beautiful simplicity, timelessness, elegance and indulgent silks

LOOK FOR: Alexandra shirt, Elvira blouse, Ivy top, Hailey dress, and browse the Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook 


How would you describe yourselves in, say, 50 words?
As lazy over achievers. We love what we do and we work really hard to realise our vision for Deitas. Parallel to that we are equally good at having a laugh and inject things in working life that gives your day a silver lining. Green juices, uber and dressing in silk play a large role here.

And your style?
Simple, comfortable and quite chic. Our staple wardrobes evolve around a couple of favourite jeans updated twice a year for that perfect fit and colour, leathers and around twelve essential silk tops from the collection, from casually constructed t-shirts to camisoles and blouses. Ass a perfect coat and a cosy knit with that and you are good to go anywhere.

Deitas Alexandra silk shirt Spring/Summer 2015
Alexandra silk shirt
When did you first become interested in fashion?
It's been a life long fashion journey, from the 80's excess to the minimalist 90s and onwards we both feel like it's only in our thirties that we truly feel comfortable with our style. The main difference is that we don't focus on trends but creating chic essentials.

Why and when did you come up with an idea of Deitas?
We launched Deitas with one simple idea: to create a perfect collection of silk tops, to build a wardrobe of chic staples which take you from day to dinner and work from year to year, the kind of staples that you wear hard.

Deitas Hailey silk satin dress | Spring/Summer 2015 via fashionedbylove
Hailey dress
What does the name "Deitas" mean?
Deitas translates roughly from Latin as good like and divine. Divinity for us is not a supernatural being, but a symbol of the celebration of real women. These are the modern goddesses that we all aspire to and draw inspiration from, the personification of a force. Then there is also this immortal ring to the name that we like to think goes down very well with our design process where every piece needs to stand the test of time.

How did you begin working as a duo?
We have been friends for over ten years. We compliment each other really well, and in many ways timing played a large role.

What are your roles within the company?
We are a due and involved in every part of both the creative process and the strategic outlook.

Deitas Julia silk satin dress | Spring/Summer 2015 via fashionedbylove
Julia dress
What have been the most enjoyable and the most challenging about building your own fashion brand?
We live and breathe Deitas and while its fun and we receive incredibly encouraging reviews and support from all angles, it is also a really hard work. Like all mothers we struggle to balance our lives between work and home and being two to share the burden of travels and late nights really helps.

And what kind of woman wears Deitas? Who is your perfect customer?
Hopefully, women who share our values and love for timeless and wonderful products. Any woman wearing Deitas is our perfect customer. We hope that we can help make dressing easy for them.

Deitas Lisa silk top & Sophia silk skirt | Spring/Summer 2015 via fashionedbylove
Lisa top + Sophia skirt
Simplicity seems to be the key element of your collections. Would you say that fashion has become too complicated?
Maybe the simplicity in our designs comes from our Swedish heritage. However, we feel our brands philosophy is about offering clean-cut pieces that you wear from year to year, that you can wear as easily with your favourite jeans as with that overly complicated statement pieces.

Are there any fashion designers or brands you admire?
Swedish labels are standing out. We both wear by Acne for jeans since the first pair they ever made, but moreover at this moment Swedish high-end labels also dominate in other fields like Buyredo for scents and hair products by Sasha Juan, they both offer luxurious products in a reinvented way that feels truly contemporary.

Where do you turn to for inspiration?
Travel, art, the incredibly chic women in our surroundings, family and friends.

Deitas Veronia silk blouse & Brigitte trousers | Spring/Summer 2015 via fashionedbylove
Veronica blouse + Brigitte trousers
You use silk as the main fabric for your garments. What was this choice based on?
It's about scaling down your staples and buy less but better quality with pure fabrics like silk, cashmere and cotton. Silk is durable, flattening and really there is not like the feel of it against the skin. It's ecologically sustainable, too, and we love how silk adds a sense of decadence to everyday life.

Could you tell me a little about your Spring/Summer 2015 collection?
It's all about the colours, petroleum, blush, khaki, yellow and tomato red. A collection of slim silhouettes that aim to convey a modern expression of glamour that works as well in the city as on vacation.

Is there a particular SS '15 design you cannot wait to wear yourselves?
The bat sleeve blouses in silk satin for days when you really mean business and a sheer blouse in soft chiffon in blush, white or metallic for the rest of the day.

And what are your plans for the new year? What's next for Deitas?
We were elected the most promising new label in Sweden and showed at the official schedule for fashion week in Stockholm for the first time this previous season, so we are still enjoying the moment right here right now.

Deitas Carla Silk top | Spring/Summer 2015 via fashionedbylove
Favourite quote... Someone recently told me this and it stuck: I love Mondays - no. 1: a fresh start, no.2: a chance to set the tone for the rest of the week, no. 3: a great day to be alive.
But maybe that's more of a mantra?

Best way to relax... Laugh.

Favourite fashion era... We both have a soft spot for the glamorous women of the 70's.

Favourite colour... White and black always come first.

Guilty pleasure.. Indulging in TV shows on the lazy nights in and too many margaritas on the nights out.

Photo source: c/o Deitas (photography: Jesse Laitinen)


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