Bag of the month: December is for Anya Hindmarch


via fashioned by love | Anya Hindmarch Tiny Tim red shoulder bag
My childhood New Year celebrations were mainly about the tree ornaments. They sparkled like nothing else around. Opening the box full of tinsel and fragile baubles carefully wrapped in old news papers always felt like releasing a burst of joy and magic into the air. I knew every single decoration by heart and still couldn't help but smile with delight as each of them would proudly take place among the fragrant branches. 

This sale steal from Anya Hindmarch brought back the memories... Not only beautiful, it felt perfect for the holiday season, almost as if it was one of the most special baubles. 

Named Tiny Tim, just like the character from A Christmas Carol, it made me think of the festive season immediately. Even better, the bag will work for the rest of the year, too... I've added a similar sparkling accessory to my collection a couple of years ago to brighten up a monochromatic outfit in autumn or early spring, or add a drop of jewel-like colour to my summer whites and can assure you that it does a wonderful job. 

Love this gorgeous baby... 


  1. This handbag reminds me of my parents' vintage Christmas ornaments - passed on by my paternal grandmother, by the time I was a little girl they were considered ugly and gaudy; my parents put them on the tree mainly, I think, out of a sense of duty to my dad's mum. But they were always my favourites. They had so much more sparkle than our other, more staid 1980s decorations. And you can never go wrong with a little sparkle :)

  2. The sparkle does remind me of ornaments at Christmas. Perfect for the season. I love Anya Hindmarch.