Ultimate sale finds under £100


via fashioned by love | fashion editorials | Karolina Kurkova in Vogue US October 2006 (photography: Steven Meisel, styling: Edward Enninful)
Ah, sales... Don't you just love this week between Christmas and New Year, the time to lose yourself online and find a few special treats, especially important if the presents under the tree left a long-lasting impression of being a bad girl in Santa's book (which, of course, is an absolute nonsense!)

How do I approach this kind of shopping? With a cup of tea, mac on my lap (slightly pushed aside by Oscar who has a love-hate relationship with my computer), tv or music on the background, blank wish list and empty shopping basket. I never bother with the real shops - the crowds and lack of choice aren't something to be excited about. Instead I choose the virtual boutique with endless possibilities, choice of sizes, home deliveries and easy returns - what's not to love?!

"Mmmm, something..." I mumble to myself before I begin. After all, I am a woman and, as such, allowed to need and want as I see it, in a manner of surprise, a happy discovery I've been totally unaware of until now. 

Here're some of the gorgeous finds I've come across... Mostly designer, all - under £100, and some can even be delivered by New Year's Eve, all beautifully wrapped especially for you.

via fashioned by love | winter sales | best designer finds under £100

In case you are wondering if I got tempted by anything... Then yes, I did find a pair of Ash ankle booties - they are travelling from Italy, I believe and I cannot wait to meet my Dalins. 

Photo source: Karolina Kurkova in Vogue US October 2006 (photography: Steven Meisel, styling: Edward Enninful)


  1. Oh,that dress...#8!!!
    And a trousers #22 with those dreamy nice wool sweater#18!!!:)))

  2. Normally I am absolutely with you in this Natalia, but this year I found myself craving the tactile experience of trying on clothing in a real store and letting the fabrics and cuts surprise me. It was, largely, a frustrating experience but yielded some unexpected rewards. Nothing in camel, though, which is what I had hoped for, so I will be bookmarking the Callington knit dress. What a beauty! And I hope you will show us your new booties soon :)

  3. Really nice selection ^^


  4. There have been some really good sales Natalia! I love your approach ;) Those shoes sound lovely. Italian shoes are the best.

  5. The peacoat is in such a beautiful color!

  6. Let's see, I want the star earrings, the striped tunic, the cage sandals... and maybe the glittery hels, tough I;d probably only ever wear them once a year :-)

    have a great New Year's Eve!