The fall of Pre-Fall?


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What on Earth is happening to the Pre-Fall collections? Something that once might have seem like an exciting addition for the shopping-hungry it's now resembling a constipated brain - the matter is there, but so over processed and overused that the outcome hurts the eye. 

With a few beautiful exceptions the clothes either look as if they simply didn't make it to the collections we've seen before and had to have their own show, came straight from the 1970s or gym, became the glorious "seconds" of the original Chiuri+Piccioli's designs for Valentino (and a few fashion classics from the likes of Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and more recent Celine, Ferretti, McCartney and Chloe), or were an absolute cacophony that can only be described with a four-letter word because "tasteless" doesn't seem to cut it.

Women like to shop. That's true. But more often than not a woman able to spend a budget of a small country in a single transaction isn't the one without taste or common sense. She is the kind of customer who knows the quality, the cut, the fabrics and, although she can clearly update her wardrobe on a practically daily basis, still the one who loves quality and understand the timeless factor of the investment piece. That is why I was puzzled to see the deja vu offerings and that horrifying Bottega Veneta satin orange puffy space suit that made even perfertly-formed Sasha Luss look miserable. 

It makes me wonder if it really is a sign of fall for the Pre-Falls? A clear indication that, whilst women still need to buy their knitwear, dresses, coats and skirts comes autumn, the Fall/Winter collections alone would be more then enough to suffice them.

Besides, the money aren't made by excess, but, quite the opposite, by creating demand, deficit even, and offering something that would not only bear a label at the back, but be a luxurious piece of clothing that makes a woman feel her very best.

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  1. I must admit, from being teasers they rose to being rivals of actual collection!

  2. Adorable post. Awesome pictures, sweetie ^_^



  3. Nice collage!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you Natalia xx

  4. It's been a few years since I've even spent time looking at the pre-fall collections from anyone outside of my very favourite designers - and there have been moments when even they have disappointed. It's true, we love to shop, but I think more than that, we love beautiful things... no strange and novel things, which is often what seems to crop up in pre-fall collections now. Perhaps it's a sign of the economic times that pre-seasonal collection will eventually disappear again, leaving designers more time to concentrate on the collections that really matter. We can hope, anyway.

  5. oh wow! i haven't kept up Natalia. it sounds awful. i personally think designers are stressed out. there are just too many times they have to present.

  6. I was wondering the same dear Natalia! Happy Friday :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi