Ultimate New Years Eve style guide


via fashioned by love | Lily Cole in Vogue UK December 2007 (photography: Ben Dunbar)
Until I moved countries, the New Years Eve was a big deal - it was very much the celebration of the year, the most beautiful and sparkling event everyone, absolutely everyone, was looking forward to. The food was bought in advance to suit the menu. A few precious bottles of champagne waiting for their opening night. And then, once it was all done, we would start planning the outfits - the pretties high heels were a must and the frocks were often made to order.

We were ready to welcome the magic and a new year that, as we always imagined, would be a great one. No wonder that the horoscopes were one of the reference guides to follow and reading them once a year became a habit I refuse to give up no matter what.

With all this in mind, I've prepared the ultimate guide to make the last night of the year the most unforgettable, stylish and delightful... Wherever you are.

Frida Gustavsson in No time for us | SSAW Scandinavia 2012 (photography: Andreas Ohlund & maria Therese, styling: Henrik Haue & Oscar Lange)
Zodiac: sheep/goat. Meaning: peace, tranquility and harmony. Mood: creativity. Colours: whites and pastels, blue, green and turquoise hues. Fabrics: silk, cashmere, wool, suede, nothing artificial. Clothes: comfortable luxury, classic silhouettes following lines of the body without restricting the movement. Jewellery: gold or silver jewellery, anything that resembles bells, flowers or animals, stones - amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, emerald, diamonds, pearls; also wooden pieces. Accessories: silk scarves. Make-up: natural colours (with a touch of sparkle if you like). Hair: groomed and classy rather than I-just-rolled-out-of-bed (or hay) look; waves and curls  a la classic-Hollywood-meets-21st-centuty-New-York-blowdry are also good; add plaits and beautify with ribbons, flowers, beads and anything made from wood. Home: cosy and warm. Food: anything vegetarian, lacto-ovo kind. New Years Eve: intimate, in a small company of best friends and loved ones.

And now, lets talk about fashions...

This could be the ultimate celebration, the time when you can wear a beautiful dress that you probably bought simply because it was too dreamy to be left behind. The dress that made you forget about sensible shopping and instead dream of a Cinderella moment and discover the most impractical, but oh-so-gorgeous, self. Take it out, enjoy and, for one night, live in a fantasy. Because you deserve it. Remember that a dress like this requires some rather special jewellery and gorgeous glitzy high heels.

Shalom Harlow in Tiffany Holiday Campaign 2009 (photography: Carter Smith)
Ah, the memories... Once upon a time, in a crowded room, there was a boy I liked. Didn't know anything about him or whether we'd ever meet. Imagine my surprise that he turned up at my door step on New Years Eve as a friend of a friend of mine. Oh, how grateful I was for wearing that little black dress! We danced, and kissed, and talked all night. It felt a bit like love for a while. Now I use it purely as an example that a) you've always got to be prepared to meet your destiny b) if the destiny turns out to be insignificant, you'll always remember how wonderful you looked and felt, and that some wishes do come true.

Seriously consider Lanvin at this point. "Men fall in love with a woman in Lanvin" after all. If you want him to put a ring on you - dress accordingly.

Iselin Steiro in Hermes Fall/Winter 2013 campaign (photography: Nathaniel Goldberg, styling: Clare Richardson)
The moment you've been waiting for... A few scented candles, delicious food, a good movie to enjoy before the clock strikes midnight. The sweater dresses are perfect to cuddle up in a cloud of cushions and blankets. Don't forget about the prettiest silk lingerie - you may be the only one who know about it, but it's a kind of secret that makes a girl feel rather special. The bag is optional - after all, we are not the Queen to carry one around the house. However, as a fashion lover, use it to finish the look perfectly, no further explanations are necessary.

via fashioned by love | outfit inspiration | what to wear for New Years Eve
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hair & make-up photos from Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2015
hair & make-up photos from Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2015
Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2010
Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2010
Photo source: Lily Cole in Vogue UK December 2007 (photography: Ben Dunbar), Frida Gustavsson in No time for us | SSAW Scandinavia 2012 (photography: Andreas Ohlund & maria Therese, styling: Henrik Haue & Oscar Lange), Shalom Harlow in Tiffany Holiday Campaign 2009 (photography: Carter Smith), Iselin Steiro in Hermes Fall/Winter 2013 campaign (photography: Nathaniel Goldberg, styling: Clare Richardson), hair & make-up photos from Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2015 & Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2010 via stylebistro.com


    О,самый восхитительный Предновогодний пост,Наташенька!!!
    Вечерняя коллекция составленная из маленьких жемчужинок,преобразит любую женщину в настоящую леди!
    Магия,чудо и красота пусть наполняют Вашу жизнь!
    Пусть любовь и как модно больше ярких,радостных моментов сопровождают Вашу жизнь,Наташенька и Ваших самых близких!!!
    Мысленно обнимаю Вас:)
    С Нваступающим Новым Годом!

  2. I wish I had a reason to dress up tomorrow night. Maybe next year :)

  3. The way you describe New Year's Eve in Russia sounds wonderful - and very much like what I've heard it is like in Ukraine from my few remaining relatives there. In my life, NYE has always been one of the coldest nights of the year - sometimes as cold as -50 celsius where I grew up - and so it has always been about staying cozy and warm with loved ones. This year, it will be just me and my BFF in our warmest sweaters and socks with a few precious bottles of the best champagne we can afford - because although we're not likely to find love, we still want to make the night special :) Happy New Year, Natalia! Wishing you only the best things in 2015. I hope this will be the year that we meet.

  4. Nice post and I wish you all the best in 2015. "O)

  5. I really must immediately bookmark your perfect NYE guide, dear Natalia, you know how to celebarte this day! Thanks for that - I now I hope I will be able to do one of the hairdos :)

    Wish you only the best for the New Year, especially healthiness <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  6. I think that I have celebrated special or dressed up NYEs once or twice in my life. The other times, I've just been with friends in a casual setting or occasionally, I just stayed at home and went to sleep before midnight. Tonight I am supposed to be out for dinner with friends. Let's see what the evening holds... Wishing you a wonderful party!

  7. Natalia, I love the inspirations you put together. Obviously, I'm staying in (as I'm writing this hahaha) but it doesn't mean you can't be festive. You've shown that and I do that :D I love your words on always dressing for the occasion! That is so true. I always think about that when I'm going out. Even if it's to mail letters or a parcel. Love these hairstyles! Happy New Year Natalia. Wishing you the best for 2015