Alexa Chung singing debut


via fashioned by love |  Alexa Chung by Guy Aroch for FRAY I.D. | see Alexa sing for MyTheresa
Music gets me. It sips into my ears, crawls under my skin and, if the tune is good, shoots straights into the heart and makes me like the person whom the tune belongs to.

I admit I've never been, how they say it, "a huge fan" of Alexa Chung. I liked her. Very much. Just the way I like beautiful and cool girls, their gorgeous messy hair, cats eye make-up and perfectly shaped cheekbones. Oh, and the lips. And the svelte silhouettes. 

But now I don't just like her - I adore her and all it took in my case is a cover version of Stevie Nicks' 1994 hit "Blue Denim" that the girl sang karaoke-style in a short film promoting her new AC for AG denim line. 

The video was directed by Gia Coppola for MyTheresa as a part of the company's three-part TUNES series to showcase all sorts of denim merchandise. Not that anyone would think of it, mind you... How can it even be possible to focus on anything else when there's something as infectious and velvety as Alexa's voice? I am not even going to mention the smile and sparkling eyes... Maybe just dedicate a sentence to them... Got to, really.

Enjoy the music - playing on repeat is highly recommended.

Photo source: Alexa Chung by Guy Aroch for FRAY I.D.


  1. I didn't have any high expectations about AC singing but now I'm very very impressed! I will definitely listen to it again and maybe purchase if it's available on iTunes. I couldn't help but listen to Stevie Nicks' version as well because she has such a beautiful voice and, yes, it's hard to top a superstar like her. But it's not a competition, so really, well done Alexa!

  2. As if Alexa wasn't cool enough already!

  3. I may be the only girl in the world who is not a fan of Alexa Chung. There are moments when she looks beautiful, it's true, but beyond that I have never been able to figure out what her skills are - writing certainly is not among them, as I discovered while reading It. [Just because I am not a fan doesn't mean I don't keep an open mind.] Maybe singing will be her thing. I suppose time will tell. She certainly does look happy doing it, which is more than can be said of her much of the time.

  4. this is great! she's awesome :D

  5. What can't she do!?! LOL

  6. I hadn't seen this i'd heard loads of people talking about it, but man this is good I've always loved her and its only got more! i agree with a comment above what cant she do, goddess that woman! x