Dewy & natural make-up look


Dewy and natural no make-up make-up look inspired by Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2012
I seem to have a reoccurring obsession with faces - I've always loved studying them, especially the eyes and expressions, the lines. I used to draw them when I was a teen. 

Now, having successfully, and sadly, caged the artists in me, I just look at photos. Some of them, ironically, are from the fashion shows, with the make-up and all - I guess, this has something to do with the paradox of living in a female state of mind.

Dewy and natural no make-up make-up look inspired by Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2012
The made-up faces that attract me the most are all very natural, the no-make-up-make-up kind, not only because I prefer the bare look, but it also seems the easiest one to achieve (as I naively believe). This idea created by Diane Kendall with MAC for Carolina Herrera Spring/Sumer 2012 is exactly what I am after - the face as nature intended, only flawless and polished. 

According to MAC... 


* Apply Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 with Foundation Brush No. 190 to lightly hydrate and even the skin tone

* Follow with Select Cover-Up using the brush as above, only where needed

* Use Powder Blush Brush No. 129 to apply Pro Sculpt Sculpting Powder Pro Palette as a contour under the cheekbones

* Gently blend Sheertone Blush in Bllushbaby downwards on the checks in the Sculpt contour

* Dust Powder Blush in Modern Mandarin over the apples of cheeks with Powder Blush Brush No. 129
* Finish with Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk dusted over the high planes of the cheeks to highlight


* Apply Pro Paint in Deep Brown with Shader Brush No. 242 over the eyelids and then blend upwards with a clean Blending Brush No. 217 to diffuse the edges

* Use Fluidline in Blacktrack applied with Eyeliner Brush No. 209 through the upper lash lines assuring that the inner corners of the eyes are not neglected. 


* Add Dish It Up through the centre of the lip

* Apply Preferred Pink Trend Lipstick Palette with finger to finish the lip with a hint of shine

hair styling ideas
And lets not forget about the hair... Use Moroccanoil to tame the fly-aways and add extra shine. 

Photo source: Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2012 via


  1. I have your same obsession so I get you! I didnt know you are able to draw, you should continue with it! This is the kind of make up I prefer most at the moment btw. Kisses! xo

  2. Oh my - I can honestly say that I know I could never be comfortable in a look that doesn't include mascara. I know this is the North American in me, but it's true.

    1. It's only a matter of habit! :) I am sure you will look just as gorgeous! x

  3. so nice :))


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  4. I wish my no-makeup look looked like this :)

  5. I'm using MorrocanOil Treatment on my hair, and boy has it made a world of difference.