Helmut Lang returns


via fashioned by love | Helmut Lang returns
Helmut Lang seems to like working in decades. The Austrian born New Yorker got into the fashion industry by chance in 1995. Ten successful years and many 90s defining eclectic collections later, in 2005, he quietly walked away led by a dream to make art. 

Lang referred to those moments of his life as chapters that separate the present from the past distinguishing the two as the time to be and the eras to leave behind - so much so that, once the decision to exist the industry was made, he cut the umbilical cord for good almost literally by shredding the remaining 6000-8000 items from his "Séance de travail" archives in 2010 and then incorporating the confetti into the nearly 200 pillar-like resin and pigment sculptures of meditative quality.

via fashioned by love | Helmut Lang resin sculptures
The exhibition opens at Sperone Westwater Gallery New York on 8 January 2015. 
For details visit the gallery's website and read WSJ's Helmut Lang: second act & W's Helmut Lang that tell you everything you'd need to know about the designer.

As for me, it's time to revisit my Helmut Lang skirt circa 2003, one of the pieces I adore and would never part with, especially now.


  1. I would love to see your cherished skirt! :)

    Tara x

  2. I never knew what Helmut Lang looks like! And I had no idea that he had become an artist. Very interesting and intriguing.


  3. I am such a fan of Helmut Lang, even this many years after he has left the industry. I finally acquired my own piece from the line this year - although sadly it is one designed after Mr. Lang himself left the house; I am still searching for one of those unicorns. Seeing this makes me want to book a ticket to New York!

  4. Fascinating piece on such a talented designer. Thanks for the heads up on the exhibit! It starts tomorrow, and I may go, if I don't freeze to death first! Brrr.
    xx, Elle

  5. What an amazing idea! Those pillars looks awesome!

    Bella Pummarola

  6. Sounds like it will be a wonderful exhibition!

  7. I learn so much from you always, would like to check out more of his work.