More couture for Lagerfeld


Fendi Fall/Winter 2014
Following their spectacular ready-to-wear Fall 2015 show Fendi made an exciting
announcement about introducing the very first couture collection titled Haute Fourrure. The show is scheduled for 8 July as a part of Paris Couture week and will mark Lagerfeld's 50-year long collaboration with Fendi, the longest ever relationship that ever existed between a fashion designer and a brand. 

Fendi Spring 2014
Turning to couture will also give Fendi and Lagerfeld an opportunity to set the house apart from other fur brands and truly showcase the beauty of the materials and the talent and craftsmanship of the house artisans.

Fendi Fall 2008
The news made me think of the Fendi 24-carat gold gilded furs from 2008 and the incredibly beautiful details of Pre-Fall 2015... 

Fendi Pre-Fall 2015
Fendi says it's going to be even better... And Karl, being cool-as-cucumber Karl, is presenting these designs as well as his Chanel Couture. I don't know about you, but I am definitely marking my calendar. 

Photo source: Fendi Fall/Winter 2014, Fendi Spring 2014, Fendi Fall 2008, Fendi Pre-Fall 2015 via &


  1. Oh, that should be VERY interesting! Looking forward to it. Love the play on words.

  2. It's a shame he's such a problematic person, he designs some really beautiful things.