Marni, my Pre-Fall '15 love


Marni Pre-Fall 2015
Trying to describe a feeling you get by looking at Marni is almost as complicated as talking about a piece of art. Not because it's difficult to understand - no, not at all. In fact, I bet anyone would have an opinion popping in their head. The challenge comes from the fact that every person would most likely experience an emotion unique to their interpretation of fashion and beauty. It's natural.

By now my blog is likely to resemble a heavy (rose tinted) cloud stuffed with love for the brand - I've been talking about Marni for years and on as many occasions as I possibly could. Sometimes it's about the beauty of the jewellery, or the arts and crafts that go into collections, or my primitive, but very strong desire to have a little bit of Marni for myself... 

Pre-Fall 2015 made me think of the ingenuous way of combining prints and shapes. They looked so effortless, as if they have always excited in this synergy. And the tiny details - a touch of print added to the sleeves of a mini dress like a sweet surprise, or a strip of yellow that brought energy to the greys and browns... I found it very inspiring, charming and endlessly beautiful.

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  1. Marni truly is one of those lines that provokes a strong emotional reaction. When I see the collection as a whole, the chunky shoes and vibrants prints generally turn me off - and yet, whenever I see someone wearing a single piece of clothing that I truly admire and I ask about it, one time out of two it turns out to be from Marni. So for me, a little goes a long way, but obviously it has its appeal for me as well, even if I don't always recognize it :)