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Maryna Linchuk & Salvatore Morale in Tatler Russia February 2010 (photography: Pamela Hanson)
It's the weekend of love and, naturally, I am going to talk about the sexiest, most tempting, scrumptious and forever indulgent foods that can make a difference to your love life. These are the ingredients that will support your hormones, libido and mood like no others - after all, great sex, just like anything else related to our bodies, starts in the kitchen (though a trip to a lingerie boutique can certainly help).

Being a great believer in a variety when it comes to nutrition I am going to give you plenty of choice and group your love portions depending on their vitamin and mineral content - now you can create something unique depending on your taste, desires and diet preferences (vegetarians, vegans, allergy-sufferers and Paleo-followers are all welcomed!)

Maryna Linchuk & Salvatore Morale in Tatler Russia February 2010 (photography: Pamela Hanson)
We all need BETA-CAROTENE, one of the well-known antioxidants because it protects our DNA and cells from the free-radical damage. It is essential for ovarian health and production of oestrogen and progesterone. Eating foods high in beta carotene can help with heavy periods and reduce risk of hormone-related cancers. When combined with foods high in vitamin E, selenium and zinc, beta carotene may reduce risk of certain cancers in men, too.

Best food sources: apricots, carrots, peaches, broccoli, asparagus, papaya, pumpkin, bell peppers, spinach, watercress, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, fennel, paprika, parsley, rosehip, sage and lemongrass

VITAMINS GROUP B support hormone production and balance, maintain healthy reproductive and nervous systems, they also give you energy and improve stamina.

Best food sources: egg yolks, turkey, duck, chicken, salmon, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, kale, avocado, bananas, lentils, beans, wheatgerm, nuts and whole grains.

VITAMIN C is your man's best friend because it is vital for healthy sperm and improved blood flow. It is also a libido enhancer for both men and women. Broccoli, one of the best source of vitamin C, also contains DIM (Diindolymethane) - a compound that can support healthy hormone metabolism and oestrogen levels in women.

Best food sources: citrus fruit, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, watercress, onions, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, goji berries, pineapple, cantaloupe melon, mango, parsley and peppermint.

Trust VITAMIN E as your ally if you want to improve fertility and maintain healthy ovaries, testes and libido.

Best food sources: green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado, sweet potatoes, watercress, brown rice, oatmeal, wheatgerm, eggs, rosehip and kelp

ZINC is one of my personal favourites when it comes to healthy reproductive system in both women and men. In women it helps to support the hormones, libido, increase chances of pregnancy and reduce risk of miscarriage. Zinc is also essential for men as it improves the sperm quality, both motility (zinc is necessary to make the tail of the sperm - just a little trivia) and count. It is crucial for prostate health.

Best food sources:  oysters, shellfish, turkey, egg yolks, sea vegetables, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, tahini and sesame seeds, crimini and shiitake mushrooms, spinach, wheatgerm, lentils, oats and quinoa, chocolate.

Give your man a little SELENIUM and make a healthy baby. This powerful antioxidant is one of the major players when it comes for maintaining healthy sperm count and protecting your DNA from free radical damage. These days most of us lack this important minerals, but can easily maintain healthy levels by adding 2-4 raw Brazil nuts to the daily diet.

Best food sources: Brazil nuts, salmon, prawns, tuna, crimini and shiitake mushrooms, tofu, barley, brown rice, cabbage, broccoli and garlic.

OMEGA 3 & 6 FATS are essential because the body cannot produce them, but cannot be without them either. These precious fatty acids are vital for hormone synthesis and healthy reproductive system - in other words, happy sex life.

Best food sources: salmon, trout, mackerel, sardins, herring, shellfish, flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, avocado and olive oil.

The list would not be complete without SPICES including ginger (improves blood flow to the genitals), nutmeg (aphrodisiac, it is often refereed to as  "natural Viagra"), cloves (enhance libido in women and may be beneficial for men with erectile disfunction), saffron (boosts libido in both men and women), cacao / chocolate (aphrodisiac, source of flavonoids and magnesium, it enhances your senses and causes release of pleasure hormones), cinnamon and turmeric (increase blood flow and protect your DNA), vanilla (mood enhancer), and basil (aphrodisiac). In addition to these, the girls may also benefit from liquorice, whilst the guys would enjoy the benefits of fenugreek seeds - both spices are known as libido boosting foods.

Sugar, too much caffeine, processed and fried foods, BBQ, trans-fats, refined carbohydrates and alcohol are definitely not sexy whatsoever. If you eat too much of these, no amount of oysters and broccoli will be enough to get you in the mood. 

Photo source: Maryna Linchuk & Salvatore Morale in Tatler Russia February 2010 (photography: Pamela Hanson)


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