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Oskia Nutri Active Day cream review
What does it take to find a perfect moisturiser? In my case, two years, four brands and a sample of Oskia Nutri-Active Day Cream. It was a sort of "where have you been all my life? - how foolish of me was not to try it sooner!" feeling. 

The sample, packed in a beautiful ribbon-tied cotton pouch, came with the Perfect Cleanser, my absolute must-have then and, two and a half years on, now. I held the little square between two fingers, lightly swinging it side to side, wondering if it's worth a try, hesitated... 

I knew there was always a chance that my sensitive skin might not be pleased with a swap. Besides, my other cream seemed like a good choice already. I put the square in a draw and walked away.

48 hours later I gave in.

And let me tell you, it was wonderful! I used the sample twice and ordered the full size bottle immediately. And another one. And another... At the moment I am on my fifth potion - I guess the timing is good for a review in addition to the fact that we are half way through celebrating British fashion (and who says skincare can't be a part of it, especially if it's so good).

Why do you need to consider (or run and order) this miracle worker?

* It's a fantastic product. It's light, almost like a serum or milk, and sinks into the skin very quickly without leaving it sticky or oily.

* It's very moisturising (I have a normal/combo skin that can get a little dry during winter). A morning application provides enough hydration for the entire day (I blend my own oils to use in the evening).

* You need a tiny amount. In summer my "dose" is two pumps (pea size), in winter - three (large pea size). And yes, I use it all year round. A bottle normally lasts for 3 months or a little longer.

* The cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, or acne-prone. Some of the ingredients are known to be great for psoriasis and skin irritation.

* Your skin will glow (though you will have to watch what you eat, too)

* The cream also supports collagen production, brilliant for little lines and wrinkles and feeds your skin with 15 essential nutrients including vitamins A, group B, C, E and D, Omega's, probiotics and zinc (life savers if you are prone to spots!) and MSM. In addition to this fabulous cocktail, you get milk peptides, hyaluronic acid, Swiss apple stem cells, vitamin P and yeast lysate that take care of skin elasticity, DNA and rejuvenation.

* The scent is very light. I'd say I can hadly smell it, but the fragrance you do get is very comforting, like a caress or voile on your skin.

* It is natural, so you won't find any parabens, synthetics and other junk here. Some of the ingredients are organic. It is also free from beeswax - something I know I can't use because my skin gets miserable and spotty (and unfortunately, a lot of natural moisturisers have beeswax as a base)

* It's bottled in glass, so you won't be getting any nasty xenoestrogens (PCBs, PBA, phthalates etc.) either.

* Made in Britain. Sold worldwide. Retails for £52 and worth every penny.

* And to conclude, here's the full ingredients list: aqua, MSM, glycerin, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, rice germ oil, sesame seed oil, decyl oleate, cetearul alcohol, sunflower seed oil, kukui seed oil, rose hip seed oil, glyceryl caprylate, benzyl alcohol, whey protein, glyceryl dibehenate, tribehenin, calendula extract, sodium hyaluronate, malus domestic fruit cell culture, limonium narbonense flower/leaf/stem extract, saccharomyces ferment filtrate lysate, glyceryl behenate, natural fragrance (from lychees and rose oil), citronella, ceraniol, linalool, inulin, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, tocopherol, lecithin, xanthan gum, dehydroacetic acid, phenozyethanol, sodium lactate


  1. Great post , love those beauty products!

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    Emily from PTT

  2. I am constantly testing new moisturizers - partly because that's the fun of being a blogger but also partly because I have yet to find a formula that wowed me enough to make me want to repurchase it. I will be looking for Oskia now for sure, thanks to your glowing (oh, what a terrible pun - I couldn't resist) review ;)

    1. :) Love the word-play. See if you can get a sample before buying the full size. And I hope you'll like it. x

  3. Such an amazing post! Thanks for sharing! Sounds nice!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful product and I can tell by your review that you are absolutely happy with it!

    1. Both me and my skin. :) Definitely very very happy. x

  5. Lovely post as usual xx looks so nice :D x Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

  6. It sounds fantastic! My only gripe is that £52 is quite a lot for 30ml, I'd expect at least 50ml for that price!

    Tara x

    1. It's one of those "best things that come in small packages". If it was 50ml, it wouldn't last past its use by date, I think. You really need very little. x

  7. Sounds like a wonderful moisturizer! I love any product that makes my skin glow :)

  8. I was very impressed with the cleanser that I tried. It took getting use to because it's a balm, but my skin loved it. Good to hear this is great also.