The making of Chloe


 Chloe Fall/Winter 2013 campaign featuring Baylee bag (models: Esther Heesch and Marique Schimmel, photography: Patrick Demarchelier, styling: Camille Bidault Waddington)
Fashion... For me it has never been about getting the latest "it" fetish or being a part of a popular crowd, but about the sheer pleasure of having something original, made with love, by hands, with attention to details and appreciation for centuries worth of traditions. 

And because I have such a fondness for all things craftsmanship and fantasy, I cannot get enough of the features showing the way something is made... Not just an A and Z of fashion, but almost the entire alphabet. 

Enter the world of Chloe and some of the brands most coveted bags... 

Making of the Chloe's Baylee bag
I love those quiet behind-the-scenes moments that are often hidden from us, almost as if it's too intimate to share with the world. It feels rather special knowing that a bag you carry (or dream of) was inspired by the history of the house where it was conceived, made with the 54 individual pieces by the team of six specialist from softest leathers, and then beautified with the jewellery-like hardware. 

Once the brain processes all the additional information that we may not necessarily think of or exposed to in the first place, the want blossoms into the need and the desire to own becomes the true love to hold onto.

Making of the Chloe Everston
Lets just say, it certainly is not the quickest way to one's happiness, but it really is one of the reasons to adore fashion, the very essence of it. For making us dream and then turning some of those dreams into reality. 

Photo source: Chloe Fall/Winter 2013 campaign featuring Baylee bag (models: Esther Heesch and Marique Schimmel, photography: Patrick Demarchelier, styling: Camille Bidault Waddington),  Baylee & Everston stories via Chloe Craftsmanship 


  1. I also love learning about the story behind a brand, the design process and then how it's produced, it definitely creates more of a brand loyalty. The Everston bag is such a beautiful shape!

    Tara x

  2. i like those behind-the-scenes moments of creation like this.

  3. Chloe is amazing- loving this feature!
    Happy Tuesday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Lovely bag and great photos!
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  5. I am such a handbag person, and I am so loving that last handbag. Chic.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  6. Nice article, it's nice to see how it is made!!

  7. The Everston bag is so pretty!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  8. So nice! Thank you for sharing and have an amazing day! :)

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  9. So much attention to detail, quality at its best…

  10. I adore Chloé! If I could I would love to have everything from it!! Every day I appreciate carrying my Marcie bag! Great post. Caroline

  11. Amazing post...thanks for sharing...loving their bags....

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  12. Beautiful post! xx

  13. Люди, что создают такие вещи счастливые обладатели золотых ручек) Очень здорово! Ты права, мода это не только последние новинки, это вещи с на все времена, вещи с душой. Именно такие вещи воодушевляют и заряжают своей положительной энергетикой волшебным образом)

  14. the craftsmanship is superb. gorgeous bags.

  15. beautifully communicated! Love the explanation, the photos, and the sketches! I do love going behind the marketing to see the craftsmanship, and that is also the thing that i treasure most about clothing. I must admit it is in rather short supply.
    xx, Elle