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Christian Dior in his Paris salon on 1 February 1957 via fashioned by love / british fashion blog / Christian Dior documentary
This week my mind seem to be completely occupied with Dior. Somehow everything I've talked about over the last few days found its way into my life simultaneously - the book, the quote that followed and, finally, the documentary I would like to share today. 

Perhaps, by the time you read this I will also get a chance to see the Dior and I ... Who knows... I never plan such things. Right now, it's in cinemas over here and, as far as I'm aware, will be premiered in the States today.

For me, watching it will be yet another chapter of my Dior moments, something I will never be tired of and always embrace with excitement and love. Having said that, I also believe that the new discoveries require a solid base in order to be fully appreciated and understood, so here I am, with the Christian Dior documentary that tells, or should I say, shows, the story of the wonderful man who created the house of Dior. Even if you aren't into biographies, but love fashion, I am sure you will appreciate the original footage of the Dior shows, behind-the-scenes, interviews with Pierre Cardin,  Jean-Louis Scherrer and Francois Lesage, and, of course, all the wonderful, most glamorous and dreamiest dresses that had secrets of their own. 

There was a monologue, taken from the Dior by Dior book, that resonated with me... 

"When someone objects to the fact that elegant clothes are ill suited to the serious times in which we live, I reply that a period of happiness is no doubt on the way, when these frivolous fashions will come into their own. From that point of view, the maintenance of the tradition of fashion is in the nature of an act of faith. In a century which attempts to tea the heart out of every mystery, fashion guards its secret well. The best possible proof of its magic is that there has never been so much discussion about it as now." 

Photo source: Christian Dior in his Paris salon on 1 February 1957 via vogue


  1. I really need to see this!! Thanks for sharing dear!!


  2. Love what he said at the end, Id be curious to know what he thinks of fashion nowadays and what his maison has became in the years, after him. Have a lovely weekend Natalia! xo

  3. That dress on the first picture :o Amazing!

  4. bookmarking this so i can watch this weekend. i'll look out for the other movie here in the states!

  5. We are always behind in Canada so I think it will be a while before I get a chance to see this film - but I am counting the days!

  6. This is such a stunning post. I love Dior. Beautiful post.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  7. I love these throwback Dior posts. Such beautiful work.





  8. Мы на прошлой неделе посмотрели Dior and I , всегда интересно заглянуть 'за кулисы'