Alaia debutes perfume


Azzedine Alaia launches his very first perfume / Francine Howell in Alaia photographed by David Seidner in 1986 / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
When Azzedine Alaia signed a 13 year exclusive fragrance and cosmetic license with Beaute Prestige International in 2013, I gasped with joy and a little disbelief - finally, there was a promice of an Alaia perfume "that interpreted his work and his world" that every Alaia aficionado could become a part of.

And finally the news are in. Azzedine Alaia is launching his very first fragrance and, just like everything Alaia, it is going to be very special. According to the NY Times, the perfume inspired by "the smell of cold water falling on hot chalk" is a combination of pink pepper, freesia, peony, animal notes and musk blended into an airy day-dream by Marie Salamagne and presented in a black bottle topped with a spool of gold thread designed by Martin Szekely.

The press-release that accompanied the perfume was produced in way that made me think of Serge Lutens' approach to fragrance launches... Rather than being a dry matter-of-fact document, it sounded like a story, a journey into the heart of the fragrance and the man who spend years making perfection seem like a norm. 

"Creating a perfume is to confide in a woman, to steal her thoughts of tomorrow and run away with her before she ever looks back. Creating a perfume is also knowing that, at the precise instant, the words I use to recount my secret already no longer belong to me... My perfume is not reasonable - it makes time lie. I dreamed of it like an archaeologist dreams of sculptures from antiquity lying at the bottom of the sea for millennia, sculptures of perfect bodies, matches only by the women of today - an ideal and timeless beauty."

Such an intimate confession and captivating insight into Alaia's mind took me back to the David Seidner's photo of Francine Howell wearing Azzedine Alaia in 1986 - the visual image of the feeling shared by the designer and, in my opinion, a beautiful final note to the surreal mystery of the fragrance I cannot wait to embrace.

Photo source: Francine Howell in Alaia photographed by David Seidner in 1986


  1. Me too, sounds the fragrance I could enjoy a lot, very feminine and most perfect for now. Plus, I havent read this new yet, so is nice to know about it!:) Happy weekend Natalia! xo

  2. I must have missed the news when it first came out, but I must admit, I am surprised by the idea of an Alaia perfume. And yet, I'm also very intrigued, particularly by the description of the scent and the inclusion of animal notes!

  3. The fragrance sounds interesting. I wish I could see how they go about creating a signature scent. I can't wait to smell it. Thanks for informing me of this Natalia :).

    Kia / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

  4. Sounds interesting. xx

  5. Lovely! I was on Periscope and I think it was Elle Beauty UK that showed a presentation at Alaia about this perfume.

  6. Interesting news; I am curious to discover the scent. I had a look at the packaging and it looks very tempting!


  7. I am sure the fragrance will be as alluring and captivating as this photo!
    xx, Elle