Helena Christensen launches Dead of Night


Helena Christensen for Ole Lynggaard Fall/Winter 2013 campaign / Helena Christensen introduces Dead of Night perfume / review and where to buy / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Helena Christensen, the supermodel, writer and photographer, has officially launched one of the most unique and expensive scent in history, an enticing oil-based perfume that can be used by both men and women. The perfume was first introduced in March 2014, but only available in New York - now you can buy it on the both sides of the Atlantic.

The scent is handcrafted by renowned Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel from pure and untreated essences including oudh - a very precious, aromatic and sensual oil. The silky liquid is then  preserved in a glass bottle closed with a 18-carat gold stopper to ensure that not a molecule of Dead of Night escapes into the air. To enhance the experience even further, the fragrance can also be worn as a pendant containing 1.2ml of perfume.

As the essences melt into the skin (it's so condensed that you need a very small amount and consider the points of application), the alluring oudh transforms into the vivacious notes of bergamot and ginger,  caressing rose and jasmine until they all relaxed into a cloudy warmth of sandalwood, amber and incense. 

Talking about using the perfume Christensen herself describes it: "When you first try Dead Of Night your senses are stimulated in the most magical way, you are simply transfixed by its power. The scent is a combination of optimistic light, with a fresh brightness and depth."

Helena Christensen introduces Dead of Night perfume / review and where to buy / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
The idea of the perfume was conceived by Helena and Elizabeth Gaynes, her friend and founder of ERH1012, the company that focuses on production of exceptional and truly artisanal perfumes while developing sustainable plantations providing the materials, supporting local businesses and protecting the rain forests of Barneo. In case of Dead of Night, the oudh is supplied by the Harris family who grow their own agar wood trees and harvest the oil, instead of destroying the rainforest crops.

The most curious thing for me to learn was about the process of oil production itself: the tree that can "give" the oil is incredibly rare - it has to be inhabited by a fungus that will cause the chemical reaction and creation of oudh. The plant then needs to be identified, the raw material - harvested and the oil - distilled at location. According to Helena "oudh is the truffle of the perfume world" and it certainly sounds that way.

Because of such rarity and elaborate production, each batch of Dead of Night is limited to 200 numbered bottles, so if you choose to get one for yourself, it will certainly be a real treasure. I must confess, I almost ordered my 1.2ml potion last night... I am so curious about this scent and also absolutely in love with the whole concept of using an all-natural oil-based perfume that I am only a click away before giving into temptation.

Helena Christensen introduces Dead of Night perfume / review and where to buy / via fashioned by love british fashion blog

Photo source: Helena Christensen for Ole Lynggaard Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, perfume images via Harrods


  1. Sounds great, want to try it!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

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  2. Great post!
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  3. What a shame that there is rose in this scent - I'm sure it's out of my price range, anyway, but now I know I shall forever be precluded from wearing due to my silly allergies :( Still, it does look absolutely gorgeous.

  4. awesome style!! ;-)

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  5. I am definitely curious about this scent as well. I love a good scent, finding the perfect one is always my problem. Amazing post.

    K / The House of KTS (formerly of Pure & Complex)

  6. She is still fabulous, I am very curious about this perfume!

  7. Я помню когда была еще маленькой и увидела ее в журнале на работе у папы, от был стилистом

  8. only 200 bottles...but they will make 200 people very happy:) sounds like a great perfume indeed!


  9. This fragrance sounds like a treasure! I keep hearing things about oudh, and now, I really want to smell it.

  10. Wow now I am intrigued by this scent. I don't know what entices me more the curiosity over oudh or the gold lid.


  11. Очень заинтриговали Вы меня,Наташенька!......:)
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    В общем, как восхитительная,сказочная мечта промелькнула лёгким ветерком в воздухе!:)
    Непременно хочу ощутить этот аромат на своей коже, это ведь тоже еще сюрприз.... Не каждый аромат может одинаково хорошо "принадлежать "любой его облвдательнице:)))

  12. Аромат, кажется, уникальный и невероятно утонченный. Думается, он идеально дополнит твой индивидуальный стиль и облик.
    Хорошего дня тебе, Наташа!

  13. Wow, the small version looks incredible, love the necklace!

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