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Behati Prinsloo & Romina Lanaro in Vogue UK March 2006 (photography: Benjamin Alexander Huseby) via fashioned by love british fashion blog
What can be more luxurious than treating your beautiful body to a few soft, breathable layers of cotton, linen andsilk, especially when the temperatures rise and the sun melts the clouds into nothingness? Think of it as the most perfect moment to wholeheartedly embrace the all white and breezy attire - the clothes and accessories that will serve as our secret way to escape the concrete reality, take us on an imaginary holiday regardless of the actual location, something for every day, for work and play. Think of it as Riviera meets Morocco meets Greece or whatever your dream destination is.

Because natural feels so, so, so very good... 

Following my anti-polyester post I felt like I needed to give you a few ideas to inspire and show that choosing all-natural options doesn't mean spending a fortune or being forced to wear hemp rugs - not at all. Natural is beautiful. Natural is affordable. Natural is super chic. And here is a super natural selection to prove my point and for you - to play with.

Cotton, silk and linen clothes for summer wardrobe / wardrobe essentials / via fashioned by love british fashion blog

Photo source: Behati Prinsloo & Romina Lanaro in Vogue UK March 2006 (photography: Benjamin Alexander Huseby)


  1. You are the BEST blogger in daily fashion Blogland Natalia!
    Tanks a LOT for these truly useful,pretty and really great advices,dear friend:)))
    This wardrobe is absolutely forever!:)))

  2. There was no need to convince me to be anti-polyester, of course, since I am already completely on side... But I think if anyone could be convinced to give the fabric up for good, it would be that beautiful lace dress that sold them on the idea. I may just need it myself!

  3. Great selection of outfits, they would all work well together and I love the pinstripe dress

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. That perfume bottle looks so lush - and yes... cotton touching the skin! Dreamy!

  5. I've just read your post about polyester and I agree, that I much rather wear natural fabrics!

  6. Wow, I adore that Whistles dress! So beautiful.

    Tara x

  7. Love these natural tones. Beautiful selection!

    Lu |

  8. I am crazy about all your picks!!!

  9. yes! i am looking for some breezy, ethereal, flowy pieces like these. love your choices.

  10. There is a huge difference! I'm loving a cotton sundress I purchased. Feels so good against the skin.

  11. Yes! love your choices! I so agree about wearing and loving natural fibers. That said a couple of poly dresses have been welcomed into my closets for the travel worthy, toss in a bag quality, but they re an exception. Love the sailor pants!!!
    xx, Elle