Zimmermann Resort 2016 | Look 29


Such a perfect dress, it works with virtually anything. Zimmermann Resort 2016 best looks via fashioned by love / british fashion blog
Such a perfect dress. Almost Amish in its purity (I've watched a few movies involving the community lately and felt rather inspired by certain moments and fashions), but with so much creative potential to channel the Bohemian vibe, Italian donna, world traveller, Moroccan tourist and a girl in a city who wants to feel free and reflect on the seasonal atmosphere.

It works with virtually anything - from leather sandals, pleated belt, bundles of jewellery and a suede drawstring bucket; a pair of espadrilles, straw hat and basket; sleek and sexy colourful high heels and mini shoulder bag to caged ankle booties, simple cuff and an oversized clutch. Want it. Best start saving now.

Photo source: Zimmermann Resort 2016 via style.com


  1. It's beautiful and I love her sandals.

  2. There is something rather Amish about this dress, I have to agree. And I think you are the first person I have ever heard say that they found Amish fashions inspiring...! Still, it is a lovely pice and no doubt incredibly versatile.

  3. Indeed this is a perfect dress that does all you claim! I am a girl in the city who wants to feel free, and I would LOVE this, with the side bucket and shoes, just as you have featured.
    this dress is a beauty!
    xx, Elle