Wang to leave Balenciaga?


Gisele Bundchen photographed by David Sims for Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2003 campaign / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Alexander Wang's collection for Balenciaga to be presented during September Fashion Week 2015 may be his last one for the brand according to WWD. According to the reports, the Wang era at the helm of the Parisian house has been a profitable one for Kering, but at the same time, sources also say that Wang has been privately looking for investors to take his own brand onto another level.

Personally, I hope the upcoming changes are true as Wang, in my opinion, has never been the right person for Balenciaga - neither based on his overrated talent, attitude nor the kind of crowd he was praised by. So I am keeping my fingers crossed... Not because I have any negative feeling about the designer, but simply because I don't think he suits this kind of fashion house or truly understands its status and legacy.

Photo source: Gisele Bundchen photographed by David Sims for Balenciaga (by Nicolas Ghesquiere) Spring/Summer 2003 campaign


  1. I quite like some of what Alexander Wang has done with his own label, but to me it will never be on the level that made him the right choice to be at the helm of Balenciaga. I would be much happier to see him focus on his own work, and hopefully improve it, while someone else takes over at this great house and restores it to its previous glory.

  2. I don't think he's a true representation of the Balenciaga brand. Two completely different styles X


  3. I really liked the resort 2016 and spring 2015 collections, however my love has been hit and miss with him.