Donna Karan steps down from Donna Karan International


Donna Karan steps down from Donna Karan International / fashion news / via fashioned by love
A few hours ago Donna Karan announced her decision tostep down from her role as creative designer of Donna Karan International to dedicate her time and energy to Urban Zen while the company is focusing all its attention on DKNY that Karan initially created inspired by Gaby, her daughter, and recently trusted to Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne.

While I understand her intentions and possible reasons that influenced her departure - first, losing Stephan Weiss, her husband and her rock in 2001, then Patti Cohen who left the company in May after working with Karan for over 30 years and, indeed the sheer and often unavoidable fact of emotional and physical exhaustion after running a business she since 1984 - my heart is falling into pieces for Karan has not only been one of my favourite designers, but the iconic brand, the soul of New York fashion and the creative whose shows and collections I always looked forward to.

Presently there're no candidates who would potentially replace her and the Donna Karan shows are to be suspended until further notice. 

I know, just like Karan always said I should "delete the negative, accentuate the positive", but right now I find it extremely heart to get used to the idea of her not being there, taking a bow and, well, being the heart of Donna Karan New York. 

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  1. Oh, is pretty sad for me and still havent read this new. No one could replace her so wonder how the brand will go now without her!:/

  2. Согласна с Вами,Наташенька.....:(
    Донна Каран для меня так же всегда была одним из самых интересных,модерновых,всегда супер творческих дизайнеров. Идеи,воплощённые в брэнде-невероятно талантливы и всегда носибельна с наивысшим качеством....
    Её можно было "носить" всегда и везде!

  3. This is truly such a shame to hear especially after reading the possible reasons that may have influenced this decision. I can't imagine it's been easy :( I hope that her shows will take place once again in the near future X


  4. This will certainly be a big change for the brand. It'll be interesting to see what direction they take in moving forward.

  5. I am saddened to hear this news. I am such a HUGE DKNY fan. I have some of her pieces in my wardrobe and they've stood the test of time for so long. This is definitely sad news. I hope the new designers can keep the style and fashion that made Donna a household name.

    Kia / The House of KTS

  6. This news is absolutely devastating to me. I know there is something to be said for going out when you feel that you're on top... But Donna Karan will not be the same without Donna.

  7. I always loved her collections, so I was sad to hear this. I wish there could've been a smoother transition. Her shows are going to be absent for awhile and it's hard to recover after that. I wasn't aware of her personal troubles.

  8. i was completely shocked to hear this. very sad day indeed.

  9. I also just heard this-- A loss! Urben Zen is a great brand but so very costly... I am upset to learn of these details.
    xx, Elle