Mid-summer wardrobe essentials edit


Harper's Bazaar US April 2011 (photography: Daniel Jackson, styling: Alastair McKimm, model: Mirte Maas) via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Early morning... Need for coffee to face reality of the wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Because in a middle of summer, with the sky turning grey, the sun - being beyond modest in its appearances and a possibility of showers according to the weather girl, choosing an outfit for the day can be pretty challenging.

Take me, for example. Today I ventured out wearing a trench, hat and sunglasses because I just had a feeling it would rain (besides the coat has pockets and pockets are everything!), but also needed my shades in case the sun would decide pop out and blind me. The hat was partially playing a role of a comfort blanket, but was also picked to replace an umbrella, which I find rather painful to carry around, especially when I have my furry boy with me.

That same day I had a conversation about the controversies of summer and our need for a wardrobe full of silk dresses and tiny tops, and the real need to buy a lot of new things every season because if I am totally honest, I don't (and will probably never will) have an opportunity to wear everything as much as I'd plan it in my mind - it's simply not going to happen (hurts to say this, though - I love my clothes and shoes...).

On the other hand, I do need a few things at my dispense on a daily basis because without them I'd be absolutely lost. They are not just classics, but also transitional and get me through spring, summer and early autumn - subject to the weather, of course. 

ultimate summer wardrobe edit to use as a guide to the best buys, trends and statements / shopping guides / wardrobe essentials / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
1. White shirt: no girl should be without one and luckily nice ones are available for all budgets. Having tried a few, I do prefer something mid-range (I get them on sales) because the way they fall and fit are definitely better. {buy}

2. Basic white t-shirt: I remember how, back in her Girl, Interrupted/Lara Croft days, Angelina Jolie once admitted that she practically lived in t-shirts and jeans. I tried it - and now cannot reverse the process of loving this super basic piece of clothing. {buy}

3. Midi pencil skirt: the love for a midi pencil skirt blossomed last year, so I had to find a couple of options for summer, too. That length, just below the knee, is just so chic! {buy}

4. Maxi dress is for the days when you want to dress up or go to the beach - swap the shoes and it's done! Besides, you can turn it into a skirt by throwing a lovely cashmere sweater on comes evening. {buy}

5. Cashmere V-neck is indispensable. Works with everything and is one of the most stylish comfort blankets to think of. {buy}

6. Clutch bag (and this is beaded one): I don't use it often, but there are occasions when a little bag is all I need, so I have a few high street and vintage purses sitting in my draw, just in case. I don't tend to spend a lot of money of these - for example, my favourite little bag was found in Turkey for around £2, years ago. {buy}

7. Fedora or panama hat: perfect for rainy days (I don't like an idea of an umbrella - too bulky, too annoying), for bad hair days, for super stylish days, for the breach and for the city. {buy}

8. Bracelet: I like to choose a piece or two of jewellery with a meaning that also adds a little something to most outfits. This gorgeous bracelet spoke to me... {buy}

9. Sunglasses are the summer (winter, autumn and spring) staple. I never, ever, ever, leave my house without shades. Never. This is the solution to preventing wrinkles, covering dark circles, make-up free eyes and my hidden agenda whenever one is happening in my head - all while looking very stylish and partially mysterious {buy}

10. Gorgeous sandals are for that special dinner date or to spice up a pair of jeans and the above mentioned t-shirt. It's like jewellery. {buy}

11. Silk scarf is another necessity. The large one works as nature intended or as belts, and the little squares look so lovely wrapped around a wrist, ankle, hat and bag handles. {buy}

12. Brogues got under my skin two years ago as the ultimate answer to living in flats. {buy}

13. Large shopper in burgundy (and this is a suede option) is a kind of bag I carry everywhere, pretty much every day. I love the burgundy because it adds a pop of colour to my neutrals without overshadowing them. {buy}

14. Jeans: MiH and Diesels are my favourite, I usually pick straight or flared, so I can wear them as is with high heels, turned in for the city and rolled up to get the casual look. {buy}

15. Wedges: true, men don't appreciate them, but the comfort and much-needed height means that I don't really care what men think... {buy}

16. Flat sandals: yes, I understand that my shoe collection is getting bigger, but I have to have a few options to play with - it's my thing. And just be honest, can you resist this pair and the idea of long walks without fainting? Really? {buy}

17. Converse: oh, the controversy of these trainers. I've been wearing them for three years. During this period I truly realised that I do not have the bone structure to pull off a pair of All Star. I like them. Very much. I like girls in Converse. And I even wore them in Central London once... Felt as if I was walking around without a bra - same feeling. So now they are my alternative to trainers when I am with Oscar. Everyone is happy. {buy}

18. Tote bag that doubles as cross-body/shoulder bag: smart or casual - you pick. And this beauty is currently on my wish list. Fingers crossed. I love her already. {buy}

19. Trench coat: do I even need to explain the need for one? Or two? {buy}

Photo source: Harper's Bazaar US April 2011 (photography: Daniel Jackson, styling: Alastair McKimm, model: Mirte Maas)


  1. I don't own a beige/camel trench which is a travesty - they are so chic!

    Tara x

  2. I agree with your selection, I almost have everything but I'd buy a new trench coat!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Isn't that the funny thing about summer? Thanks to fashion magazines, we all think we need a wardrobe like we live in California - denim shorts and silk dresses and tiny tops - but in reality, summer weather is not like that everywhere. It has been unseasonably hot in Vancouver this year but for the first two years that I lived here, I wore a sweater every day in the summer months and these essentials of yours look about as summery as anything I wore with that sweater. Today it is pouring rain and cold here, so a trench is far more essential to me than a silk dress at this point, too :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love all these pieces...they are so beautiful!


  5. so cute look ; -)

    i invite to me too


  6. This is a brilliant essentials edit, featuring more than one item I'd happily live in forever more haha. I'm entirely on board with the gorgeous trench - as you've said, no explanation needed!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. Beautiful essentials! That dress is lovely :)

  8. Cute post! I love everything but especially the midi pencil skirt and the flat sandals!

  9. Love the items that you compiled for this post: classic, chic and practical!


  10. Love the items you picked for this!! Wonderful post! Love that trench!

  11. Dear Natalia, I would be very happy to have this definitely perfect summer wardrobe you show here! Personally I'm surprised that this summer here in Bavaria is so hot that I wore nearly everything summerly what I have in my wardrobe so far :) Happy Sunday evening for you!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. I love that blue maxi dress.