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Do you want to be slim, have more energy all day long, avoid annoying cravings, give your body a boost of nutrients, get glowing skin and gorgeous hair? Then you need to have eggs for breakfast. Simple? Yes. But, indeed, it works.

This is one of the little nutrition secrets that, until now, I kept to myself and only shared with my clients. Many were surprised to hear that such an insignificant food swap would make a difference, but happily informed me of all the positive changes they'd experience in a matter of days. True story.

The original proof was in the 2012 study during which people who had eggs for breakfast reported reduced feeling of hunger, ate less at lunch and dinner and had lower levels of appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin

So, ditch the cereals and enjoy a couple of organic eggs at breakfast, ideally with some vegetables and some good carbs. I guarantee - you will not feel hungry until lunch time!

Here are a few simple ideas:

* soft boiled organic eggs with a slice of toasted rye bread (make sure it's 100% rye), a little organic butter, plus asparagus spears (I love mine raw) and a few cherry tomatoes (or a glass of 100% tomato juice - never from concentrate)

* if you are in a hurry - 1-2 hard boiled eggs from a night before to eat on a go, with a slice of rye, oats cakes or raw crackers

* egg muffins, the love of my culinary life - never get tired of them, currently working in a Chinese takeaway inspired version

* bell peppers stuffed with eggs: half 1-2 bell peppers, in a bowl combine eggs, herbs (dill, chives, parsley - whichever one you've got around), chopped avocado and 5-10g of grated hard goats cheese or organic parmesan, fill the bell pepper halves with egg mix, put in a roasting tray and bake at 175C fan until set.

* poached egg on a piece of rye toast served with spinach, avocado and tomatoes - feel free to add a slice of organic/wild smoked salmon or trout if you like

* an omelette made with organic eggs and vegetables of your choice (bell peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflowers - often I use roasted or cooked vegetables from a night before), plus a few slices of avocado

Quick tip: whenever I make omelettes I use organic clarified butter/ghee or raw organic coconut oil, not olive oil because the latter loses its goodness at high temperatures.

And now it's time to stop talking and get cracking... 

Photo source: Girls on bikes / Free People 2013 look book by Guy Aroch


  1. I definitely noticed I lose a lot of weight when I was eating more eggs, especially in the mornings. I'm not a fan of them really, but they do work!

    Tara x

  2. so cute ;-))

    new post

  3. I can confirm this! Whenever I have eggs for breakfast, I don't feel hungry for hours.


  4. Egg muffins выглядят просто отлично, должно быть такая вкусняшка))) добавила себе рецепт, может быть получится приготовить)) ( Я не самый великий кулинар:)
    Спасибо за полезные советы, Наташа! лично мне такие заметки весьма интересны:)

  5. My favorite breakfast is steel cut oats topped with a poached or fried egg and soy sauce so hearing this made me quite happy :)

  6. i love oatmeal and i'm currently cooking breakfast omelets! these are some great options natalia.