The chic way to buy investment pieces


Valentino espadrilles in  Cat & the Flat / Vogue US (photography: Charlie Engman, styling: Jorden Bickham) via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Something wonderful happened yesterday. I bought a pair of shoes from my ultimate wish list. The kind of shoes I thought I could only dream about - hand-made in Italy for Maiyet, one of the brands that I not so secretly covet.

And while the beautiful babies are on their way to me, I went back to Net-A-Porter, the place where the said shoes were found, to have a good browse and pick the best of the best in the final clearance - big names for small prices... because sometimes wonderful things do happen for those who wait or never stop dreaming.

Enjoy and have fun shopping! I After all, what would be a better way to get a piece of Isabel Marant, Chloe, Tomas Maier or Gucci than finding them at 80% off?!

Best picks from Net-a-Porter clearance sale / wardrobe investment pieces / summer wardrobe classics / what to buy for wardrobe basics / Chloe, Michael Kors, Tomas Maier, J Crew, Isabel Marant, Theory / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Shop: 1. Silk jumpsuit, £91 (was £305), 2. Cashmere & silk top, £155 (was £515), 3. Striped cotton jersey top, £25 (was £47), 4. Lace bra, £19 (was £38) + matching briefs, £10 (was £25), 5. Quilted wrap skirt, £82 (was £275), 6. Linen trousers, £102 (was £255), 7. Cotton gabardine blazer (also available in wine red), £140 (was £465), 8. Voile maxi dress, £237 (was £790), 9. Woven scarf, £34 (was £170)

Best picks from Net-a-Porter clearance sale / designer shoes / Tomas Maier, Michael Kors, Gucci, Maiyet / via fashioned by love british fashion blog
Shop: 1. Leather mules, £134 (was £670), 2. Gold-dipped agate, lava & horn earrings, £20 (was £100), 3. Leather platform sandals, £77 (was £155), 4. Gold plated & silk ring, £74 (was £185), 5. Leather sandals, £92 (was £230), 6. Striped canvas espadrilles, £205 (was £410), 7. Leather sandals, £116 (was £290), 8. Colour block sandals, £69 (was £345), 9. Gold-plated & faux-pearl bracelet, £49 (was £165), 10. Leather trimmed raffia bag, £244 (was £610)

Photo source: Cat & the Flat / Vogue US (photography: Charlie Engman, styling: Jorden Bickham)


  1. Well done on your new purchase Natalia! That site is my fav ever, give me that striped top and wedge espadrilles and Id be the happiest!:) Kisses xo

    1. I have a very soft spot for NAP, too, still remember the moment it was launched. And shopping there always feels like the biggest treat, even if it's something small. Hope you will get the sweater - it's so beautiful and the price is good, too. x

  2. I love the maxi dress! The rest of the selection is gorgeous too.


    1. Agree, it's just gorgeous, and even the lining is silk... Dreamy. There was another one, similar shape but half price of this one - unfortunately, sold out while I was working on this post, though it made my life easier when it came to choosing the one to share! :D

  3. Просто нет слов!!!
    Наташенька-вы супер....
    Восхищена балетками,что Вам удалось преобрести:)
    Представляю себе Ваши ощущения,радуюсь"до потолка" вместе с Вами!!!

  4. Cute selection darling! I love the sandals!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  5. Those shoes are fabulous! I'm currently sticking to shopping my own closet but I may have to give this sale a browse.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Congratulations Natalia on purchasing your coveted piece! I can't wait for you to get them. Enjoy! Net A Porter has the most beautiful things. That handbag (#10) is calling my name! HaHaHa

  7. so pretty pics ;)_

    new post

  8. I love finally getting the chance to purchase something I've always wanted. Congrats on those shoes. Now onto the outfit... I have to say I love the white maxi dress. It's gorgeous. Now you have me wanting to shop lol.

    Kia / The House of KTS

  9. Ah, number 8 is dreamy! I need to keep an eye on clearance sales so I can get a pair of designer wedding shoes at a bargain price. :)

    Tara x

  10. Checking those items off your dream wishlist is so satisfying, isn't it? Especially when they've actually be discounted to become truly affordable :) I stumbled upon a ALC gown this week, miraculously in my price range and size. Suffice it to say that it's on its way home to me now.