12 fashion documentaries to watch during NYFW


Best fashion documentaries of all times / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Want to get in the NYFW mood and feel inspired? Then watch these fashion films documenting behind-the-sceenes stories and showcasing designers, editors, models and photographers who may not always be in the public eye, but make the most fascinating and inspiring people to know. I watched all of them and chose my favourite ones - from The September issue to The Eye Has To Travel - because they set the mood for New York fashion week in such a wonderful and inspiring way.

1. The Eye Has To Travel (2011)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Diana Vreeland / The Eye Has To Travel  created by Lisa Immordino Vreeland is one of the most wonderful fashion documentaries that works like an energy shot for your brain and imagination. It's an eye opener and source of endless inspiration for me. It doesn't simply make you appreciate the impact Diana Vreeland made on the fashion industry and our perception of fashion and magazines, but also her way to see everything in a completely different, unique and extraordinary light.

2. The September Issue (2009)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / The September Issue / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
The September Issue was one of the very first fashion documentaries I watched. Back in 2009 it was different and exciting as our access to anything related to fashion was pretty limited. I know it's difficult to imagine, but, unless you had an access to Fashion TV or paid subscription to WWD, watching the shows or seeing good quality runway images was a matter of luck. And then, all of a sudden, we are given this whole documentary about American Vogue and the making of a September issue! It was a big deal, very big deal - pretty much as big as that magazine was.

I watched it several time including last week as it's currently available on Netflix. It made me realise that, although I know the film by heart, my feeling about the story and the moments and quotes I find fascinating change constantly. Certain people mean a lot more, certain clothes and designers - echo a sensation of nostalgia... And this is what makes The September Issue so special.

3. In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (2012)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / in Vogue: The Editor's Eye / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
In Vogue: Editor's Eye is a fantastic documentary to watch after seeing The September Issue. The hour-long, it is a story that marks the 125th anniversary of the American Vogue and welcomes its most influential editors including Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, Polly Allen Mellen, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Camilla Nickerson, Phyllis Posnick and Babs Simpson.

I've written more about The Editor's Eye in the past and right now cannot recommend it highly enough.

4. Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Bill Cunningham New York / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Watching Bill Cunningham New York was a very emotional experience for me. As I've said before, this story made me smile, but also made me cry because I felt that, once again, people whose opinion and work truly matter to the industry and its history are never appreciated as much as they deserve simply because they care more about preserving the true meaning of fashion than the labels they are wearing.

5. Peter Lindbergh, Models, The Film (1991)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Peter Lindbergh: Models The Film / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Peter Lindbergh's Models is a black and white documentary that resembles Lindbergh's photography coming to life. What can I say? It's iconic. Lindbergh working with the supermodels in New York with all the stories, energy and charm this kind of union can possibly create. Ah, I need a moment...

6. The Catwalk (1995)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Christy Burlington: The Catwalk / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Another gem for those who lived in and loved the era of supermodels, The Catwalk follows Christy Burlington as she travels through the fashion capitals, meeting with her fellow models and fashion designers. Personal and captivating. Best news - you can watch it on the blog as I shared it here a few years ago.

7. About the Face: Supermodels Then & Now (2012)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / About the Face: Supermodels Then & Now / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
I cannot believe it's been three years since About Face: Supermodels, Then and Now was aired. This story is not simply about nostalgia for beauty and industry's most stunning faces, but also a candid story told by Isabella Tossellini, Christie Brinkley, Carmen Dell'Orefice, Jerry Hall, Paulina Porizkova and Beverly Johnson, discussing the idea of ageless beauty and true moments of finding (and faking) it.

8. Unzipped (1995)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Unzipped / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Unzipped was the movie that followed Isaac Mizrahi whilst he was working on his 1994 Fall/Winter collection, so there's a lot of behind-the-scenes, beautiful clothes, familiar faces and, of course, supermodels. Watch it for a feeling of nostalgia, for the stories that made 1990s fashion so special and fun and also as a reminder of how fast everything can change - truly, one day you are in, next day you are out. At this point referring to Diana Vreeland and her ability to foresee the future (of fashion or anything embossed with allure) is very useful.

Watching the documentary will be like following Isaac Mizrahi, one of the most successful designers in high fashion, while planning his fall 1994 collection, understanding what’s behind the creative process and living with him the excitement and anxiety before the fashion show.

Click on the screen below to watch the full movie on Vimeo.

9. Tom Ford, The Documentary (2010)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Tom Ford, The Documentary / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
In 2010, six years after Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford revealed his first collection modelled by a glamourous cast of "may of the world's most inspiration women" to 100 special attendees. This documentary is a peek into designer's mind and a very interesting behind-the-scenes story - it will be your 40 minutes of fashion bliss, I promise. Watch it right here, on the blog.

10. The Tents (2012)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / The Tents / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
This documentary is a visual proof how simultaneously mad and fabulous the fashion industry really is. Premiered in 2012, the film was a collection of interviews with Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera and Isaac Mizrahi, Glenda Bailey, Nina Garcia, Suzy Menkes and Fern Mallis, just to name a few, that accompanied the birth of "the fashion week" from the very moment the tents were erected in the Bryant Park. Watch it on Vimeo.

11. Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's (2013)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Scatter My Ashes At Bergforf's / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
Fabulous and fascinating, just like the store itself, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's is a film to watch when the weather isn't brilliant and all you want is to lose yourself in a fairy tale, glamour, sparkling fashions whilst curling up on your sofa sipping coffee. Just remember that this film isn't just about shopping, buying your crystal Louboutins or figure-hugging Alaia, but also the history of this iconic store, the family who started it all, the stories and tales and, most importantly, people who work at Bergdorf's, sell at Bergdorf's and shop at Bergdorf's. It's the place where fashion feels at home. On Netflix right now.

12. Advanced Style (2014)

Best fashion documentaries of all times / Advanced Style / via fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
I remember discovering Advanced Style in 2009... Yes, the good old times when people like Ari Seth Cohen weren't yet famous and even visited other blogs like mine (yes, I did have a blog back in 2009). Naturally, I returned a favour and found a very unique site featuring women of a certain age who had a fantastic sense of style and absolutely infectious zest for life. And then the blog became well-known and, eventually, turned into a documentary, Advanced Style, created by Lina Plioplyte and Ari who interview and follow seven New York ladies who share their views on style, fashion and life in general. LOVED it! Also on Netflix as we speak.

Photo source: Tom Ford & Stella Tennant photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue US December 2010, Unzipped cover photographed by Mario Testino, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Burlington, Tatjana Patitz & Cindy Crawford photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue UK January 1990

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  1. Oh my gosh all of these have gone straight to my must-watch list! I really enjoyed 'The September Issue' and I look forward to seeing these

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