Raf Simons leaves Dior


Raf Simons is leaving Dior / fashion news / via www.fashionedbylove.co.uk
Raf Simons is leaving Dior reported WWD tonight. The sudden departure is said to be "due to personal reasons". The amicable agreement sets Simons free to follow his heart and "focus on other interests in {his} life" including Simons' namesake brand and Dior - in search of a new creative director.  So far Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci, Loewe's Jonathan Anderson and Lanvin's Alber Elbaz are among the mentioned names, however nothing is said for certain yet.

Admittedly it was a bit of a shock to hear the news and for a moment there I felt somewhat lost and sad. Once recovered from the initial emotions I reminded myself that, in my eyes, Simons' Dior was never quite right for me and at the end, the last three and a half years were more about details and the work of petite mains and not the man who would appear on a runway at the end of each show. The rest was a little bit too much... Too much emotional intensity, too many tears (I've never seen a designer cry quite so much), too loud musically, too bright in hues, too celebrity-focused... Beside, I've never stopped missing Galliano.

When I posed a question to my inner subconscious self asking what it is about Simons' Dior that I'll remember, the first thing that came to mind was "the flower wall". The second was the people at the atelier. Then I thought of all the other moments I'd rather forget. And in all honesty, since the wall can be easily recreated if required and the ladies and gentlemen are staying put, I am going to be alright with the rest. 

Now I'm simply looking forward to the new chapter in Dior's life. I hope it will be something special, a fashion fantasy, a modern fairy-tale, a true harmony of fashion, beauty and modernity. I need that very much.

Photo source: a short from Dior & I film


  1. Да....
    Шокирующая новость!
    Незабываемая стена из цветов-это как сказка воспоминание:)))
    Очень хочется верить в то что ДИОР брэнд сможет засиять всеми красками и восхищать нас так как тогда когда был там Джон Галияно гений....
    Это невозможно,думаю!....
    Но очень надеюсь,

    1. Ya tozhe ochen' nadeus... Nadezhda umiraet poslednei, ved tak? :)

  2. Oh, wow, that's news to me! When you say 'never quite right', it kind of resonates with me, as I have seen 'Dior & I' and the three words summarize my impression. You could see (in the film) that the task of creating his first Dior collection was a painful process, a difficult birth. I felt a bit sorry for him because of the enormous torment and pressure he must have gone through. Anyway, I hope that he will be able to be more fullfilled with his new projects, as despite all of it, he seems like a well-meaning person.

    1. Agree, there was so much tension, wasn't there?... I like him as a person, too, I actually think he's a nice guy. But I've always felt that Dior was a touch too much for him, a kind of fashion misunderstanding. x

  3. I'm very interested to see who takes his place!

  4. When I saw the news on twitter, I couldn't wait to hear your thoughts about it Natalia. I always thought it wasn't the perfect pairing either. I wish him the best and hope everything is alright on his end.

  5. since i heard the announcement, i immediately thought of you and was curious of yourthoughts. here's to a wonderful new chapter.

  6. Raf Simons has done some beautiful things for Dior... but to me, his work with flowers has been better than his work on the designs. I don't know if I'll ever be able to accept anyone but Galliano, in all honesty. But I know that for me Raf Simons wasn't the right fit and although I'm surprised to see him go, I admit to not being totally disappointed.