French dressing for your hair


osephine Skriver in Water Everywhere / Allure Russia March 2014 (photography: Tom Munro)
Forget dry shampoos and a battalion of styling product. There's a new beauty invention to try instead. Called Regenerating Hair Finish Lotion, it is a Parisian secret to glossy and nourished hair created by Christophe Robin as a part of his new Renegrating collection. 

Admittedly, I've been curious about Robin's products for a while, checking out the shop and staring at the tempting jars and bottles in a manner of a cat watching a gold fish in aquarium. It wasn't about trying something new or buying a luxury product, but trying and failing (yet again) knowing my history of not getting along with natural and organic haircare. The glimmer of hope was in the name  - not that Christophe Robin needs any introduction.

He is one of the industry stars and certainly is one of the best man to trust the hair to should you find yourself in Paris. The colourist-artisan (read: he approaches hair like designers did couture) has worked with supermodels, Catherine Deneuve, Kristin Scott Thomas, Faye Dunaway, Jeanne Moreau, Emmanuelle Beart, Chiara Mastroianni and Ines de la Fressange, then was snapped by John Frieda, Schwartzkopf Professional and Tamaris before joining L'Oreal Paris 2004. 

With all this in mind I sincerely wanted to like the lotion I've got. Besides, I was very curious about its main ingredient. 

Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Lotion review via british fashion blog

Yes, vinegar! As soon as I saw it on a list of ingredients, the foodie in me thought "French dressing", the cook remembered the fact that vinegar will always separate from oil because two substances are immiscible, and the nutritionist picked on the alkalising and healing properties. In addition, the Regenerating lotion contains hibiscus, which is not only high in vitamin C, iron and antioxidants, but also a natural antifungal (meaning it can prevent and deal with dandruff if it was caused by bacteria overgrowth). And the Russian in me remembered rinsing hair with vinegar solution back at home - it was one of many DIY beauty recipes passed from generation to generation.

Beside hibiscus vinegar, the lotion is formulated with castor oil (that promotes hair growth - my mum taught me to use it on eye lashes as a night treatment) and begramot, ylang-ylang and jasmine that give it a wonderful scent. It is free from parabens, silicone and colourants, so won't upset your natural biochemistry or cause health problems related to these chemicals.

I've been using the spray for a week and am very pleased to report that the lotion is simply AMAZING. First of all it smells wonderful - the smell is strong when you apply the product on your hair (it reminded me of being in a luxury hair salon), but fades away within 5-10 minutes leaving the locks delicately fragranced with a grown-up scent resembling classic French perfumes.

I used it on towel-dried hair and then in between washes just to freshen up. The treatment is seriously brilliant. When used before a blow-dry, it seems to add volume, reduce fly-aways and make my hair shiny. I also noticed that the hair looked much better the following day - even the roots were in good condition and not at all greasy, so I could comfortably skip a day without a wash knowing that I'd still have some healthy volume and shine without that dirty, tired, limp feeling. 

It looks like a 200ml bottle will last me for several weeks as 3-5 pumps are enough to get the results on my shoulder-length hair. 

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. Even more so, next time I'd also like to invest in Christophe's Regenerating Hair Mask - it will be perfect during winter months and as an extra something afterwards.

Photo source: Josephine Skriver in Water Everywhere / Allure Russia March 2014 (photography: Tom Munro)


  1. What an fantastic product......:)
    Thank you,Natashen'ka!
    I've need it so much because my hair are very heavy and little bit dry.
    It sounds absolutely amazing and I WANT to find them!:)))
    Thx a lot!:)

  2. fantastic post my dear, amazing hair care :) xoxo

  3. This spray sounds lovely! I'm a fan of vinegar rinses, too :)

  4. Very appealing packaging and I love hair products that come with a pump. Would consider buying it!


  5. so nice ;))


    i invite to me too

  6. Beautiful packaging! Vinegar is great for this, and I am sure this elixir will do wonders!
    xx, Elle

  7. you've got my interest piqued! i must seek this out. thanks for the review, lovely!

  8. Vinegar - specifically, apple cider vinegar, although any kind will do in a pinch - has been my hair secret since I lived in Paris. It was a secret developed mainly out of necessity; the water in Paris is high in minerals and, alone, doesn't properly wash away dirt and oils. But there is nothing vinegar can't do - and it gives your hair such a lovely shine, too!