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Iselin Steiro in Vogue UK August 2013 (photography: Josh Olins) / over the knee boots - how to style, best buys & runway trends via
Finally, after resisting for several years and trying to convince myself that noooooooo, I really don't need over the knee boots, I gave in and got myself a pair. And they are fabulous! Even better, they make me feel fabulous and it really is what counts the most. 

The fabulous feel good factor. 

I had over the knees before. Back at school my mum bought a pair of those for herself, but somehow they ended up on my feet (and legs) pretty much as soon as the box got opened. Black suede, flat soles, super comfortable... I wore them everywhere - school, parties, walks, with everything and for years.

Naturally every time the trend returned I felt tempted. Very tempted. But did my best to remain sensible until now when I told myself that the boots that cover pretty much 2/3 of my legs would look absolutely amazing with one of my favourite winter dresses for the dusty rose Alberta Ferretti number needed a certain style of footwear to truly shine. 

And so I began my search... 

Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Vionnet via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Sonia Rykiel via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Altuzarra via
Admittedly, it took a couple of months, several trials and a few Hello's with my UPS man to find the perfect boots, but it was really worth the effort (and oddly, the delivery guy still smiles whenever he sees me). 

Now the boots are here and I only wish I had somebody to photograph me to show them off. Alas, for now... "it's only words... and words are all I have.... to take your heart away..."

How do you feel about this style? Adore? Hate? Afraid? Because I feel that loving these boots comes with an underlying familiar scene of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman that easily clashes with our desire to look more like a glamour puss than a glamour girl. I actually came across a style called "Vegas" and this is not a kind of boot you need... Unless you actually are going there or a particular fan of Showgirls.  

Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Calvin Klein via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Christian Dior via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Haider Ackermann via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Burberry Prorsum via

* Choose suede over leather (and I am not even going to mention laminated, shiny or patent regardless of how gorgeous they looked on Dior models, Natalia Vodianova or page of Vogue Paris)

* Stocking-second-skin-style over the knees are gorgeous on very slim girls - and if you are one of them, just enjoy every moment of being the exquisite beautiful you.. 

* Classic black, dark grey or shades of brown are the easiest to work with. 

* Go for styles with thicker, chunkier, stacked heels over super-high stilleto. Stiletto-lovers can find their piece with a slim high heel. Girls who need to walk for miles - pick a flat or low-heel options and consider a platform.

* Any form of embellishment on the boot itself may pose a degree of visual discomfort, however an embellished heel will create the impact you are after and get heads turning.

* Decide how high you want to go - just under the kneecap, in a middle of it, a little over or all the way. It's best to actually try all of these options, pick the right one, measure the length of the boot and continue shopping until everything looks and feels exactly how you imagined it in your perfect dream. 

* Some styles come as pull-ons, others - with side or back zippers. See which one works best for you - not your friend, sister or a girl on a picture, but you. 

* Do not give up.

* Remember the rule of rule breaking - do it, smile, move on, have a cup of coffee... 

Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Alberta Ferretti via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Ermanno Scervino via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Ralph Lauren via
Over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Philosophy via

* With a full midi skirt, especially in a shade similar to the boot.
* With super skinnies if you have the legs and attitude for it.
* With a midi skirt (but please do avoid super tight belt-wide styles)
* A 1960s style A-line dress or 1970s super long and floaty bohemian frock.
* Sweater dresses and long oversized sweaters - so perfect... 
* To seduce - with a side-split wrap of full-skirt style midi-dress.
* Parachute and cocoon style dresses that hit a spot at or just below the knee.
* Match the colour of your hosiery with the colour of your boots for lengthening "my-legs-go-up-to-there" effect.
* Keep the look simple, even better - within the same colour scheme. 

And now since we've got everything covered... Here's a shopping list...

Shop: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

Photo source: Iselin Steiro in Vogue UK August 2013 (photography: Josh Olins), over the knee boots on Fall/Winter 2015 runway at Adream, Vionnet, Sonia Rykiel, Altuzarra, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Haider Ackermann, Burberry Prorsum, Alberta Ferretti, Ermanno Scervino, Ralph Lauren, Philosophy.


  1. Now I want to see an outfit post of u wearing them!:) Well done, I love this kind of boots so much. I own a pair but Id like to get another higher and in suede (tan). Happy weekend Natalia! xo

  2. I love the style but I haven't looked for a pair for myself yet. Not sure how they would be welcomed in a corporate work environment. So for now, I think I'll pass.


  3. Over the knee boots have never really appealed to me until this season. I'm not sure why - I think perhaps I thought they wouldn't work on me because of my height. This year, everything changed. I spotted a pair in a shop, tried them on, and despite my initial surprise at how they can be challenging to actually put on when they are fresh, new and unstretched, once I was in them, I felt amazing - it was a wonderful impulse purchase, and likely my last purchase of 2015 and I could not be more pleased. Not if only it would stop raining so that I could wear them! (The joys of suede.)

    1. Same! :) And by the way, I am also pretty short, so this bit sounds more than familiar to me. And you know, I wear my suede boots rain or shine, they seem to be ok (they were even ok back in Russia and the street can get very muddy over there, especially in late winter-early spring). I just spray them before getting out for the first time. Can't wait to see what you chose! x

  4. Yes!!!
    Adorable style with an oversized tunic or sweater....:)
    And your research for these kind of boots,just fantastic....
    Like outfits above so much,Natashen'ka!
    Wish you lovely weekend,

    1. Thank you, Violetta! Have a wonderful weekend, too! x

  5. These are some gorgeous boots. I feel like since I'm short, this might overwhelm me.

    7% Solution

    1. I am not really tall either, so it's all about trying a few styles to figure out the ideal length and shape. There's something for every girl. :)

  6. Some great tips! Mine are black suede, lace up with quite a big heel! Such beauties though!

    T x