All I want for Christmas is...


Natalia Vodianova Numero France #50 December 2004 (photography: Solve Sundsbo) via
It's been such a fantastic but also very intense year that, when it came to writing a wish list, all I could dream of was time with my family - late mornings, lazy breakfasts, long walks - all the simple things... Sitting in front of the computer for hours wasn't one of them, and so, for the first time in four years, I decided to take a break from blogging.

Before signing off, and to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, I reached out to some of the most inspirational fashion insiders I had a pleasure meeting in 2015. Without even knowing it, these people filled my life with memories that I'll treasure forever. So in a slightly awkward and nosy way I asked them to share their Christmas wishes with Fashioned by Love. For the magic, and the joy, and as my way to thank them for being a part of my crazy, beautiful world, and wish all of you a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2016! 


Christmas wishes from Amanda Wakeley, Natalia Barbieri of Bionda Castana, fashion model Fredrika Larsson & fashion model Aamito Lagum for british fashion blog
"... Some lovely cashmeres to keep myself warm when we go to Verbier over Christmas. And plenty of rest because I am working hard prepping for my show in February." Amanda Wakeley, fashion designer, Amanda Wakeley

"... Kittens because who doesn't want kittens? They are so fluffy and when it's cold outside they will give you endless cuddles." Fredrika Larsson, fashion model, Viva London

"... A new set of healthy cookery books because I love being inspired in the kitchen." Natalia Barbieri, Bionda Castana co-founder & designer

"... To be back home with my family because the last three years of my life have been so eventful with me visiting different cities, but Uganda will always be my top of the list dream destination.

Plus December is also my birth month and I'd love to spend it with my mother. Family is an irreplaceable gift I wish everyone in the world had." Aamito Lagum, fashion model, Viva London

Christmas wishes from Christophe Robin, top fashion model & Innangelo silk scarves designer Inna Zobova, RMS Beauty make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, fashion model Heloise Giraud & make-up artist Nat Van Zee for british fashion blog
"... A world full of peace and love." Christophe Robin, colourist artisan & founder of Christophe Robin Paris

"... Clarity and fun. We need clarity in our thoughts, actions, minds and hearts to face terror and conflicts. And we need fun because it's the best weapon against depression and brilliant anti-aging remedy"." Inna Zobova, top model, Innangelo founder & designer

"... Return of logical thinking because then the world would make so much more sense." Rose-Marie Swift, make-up artist & founder of RMS Beauty

"... The end of terrorism because it has no religion, no colour, no boundaries, no God - only death. Every single life deserves to be lived, terrorism has no right take that from us!" Heloise Giraud, fashion model, Viva London

"... A Peace Treaty by Gather & See because I love their sustainable fashion ethos that respect artisans and our planet." Nat Van Zee, make-up artist & founder of NATVANZEE Beauty

With many thanks and holiday wishes for Natalie Hand & Ashley Garrod,  Natalia Barbieri, Amanda Wakeley, Daisy Roberts, Inna Zobova, Christophe Robin, Daniella Lee, Rose-Marie Swift, Nat Van Zee for their continuous support and help with this article.

Photo source:  Natalia Vodianova Numero France #50 December 2004 (photography: Solve Sundsbo), c/o Amanda Wakeley, Bionda Castana, Christophe Robin, Inna Zobova, RMS Beauty, Nat Van Zee & Kelly Smith / Birdy & Me, Aamito Lagum photographed by Drew Malo Johnson / Drew Malo Johnson Photography, Fredrika Larsson, Heloise Giraud photographed by Cass Bird & styled by Ana Casasnovas for Massimo Dutti FW 2015 look book


  1. I shouldn't choose a favourite, but Rose-Marie Swift's wish resonated with me so much - she is a wise woman! Wishing you all the very best of the holiday season, Natalia! Enjoy every minute of your break.

  2. Wat a wonderful post!
    With much great wishes from so different talented people's!:)))
    I can't imagine Blogger without your always inspiring me posts here.......
    But,all things in life have a reason:)
    I wish you,Natashen'ka most beautiful Christmas and a very Happy New 2016 year!
    Full of love,inspirations and peace!

  3. so cute pics; -)))

    i invite to me too

  4. Merry Christmas!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  5. I love that family is at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year, though your other selections are fabulous too! You can't go wrong with luxurious cashmeres :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. This was beautiful Natalia! It's the simple things in life. Love these quotes.

  7. good for you, for taking a break. this is the best idea--loved hearing their christmas wishes!! such a treat.

  8. This list is awesome! Hope you had a good holiday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Amazing post! Loved reading this, I think we need peace and love. (Maybe some cashmere too) Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!


  10. Lovely post! I hope you got heaps of awesome stuff for Christmas! I really love the main image btw x

  11. I am with the end of terrorism and the return of logical thinking! Have we lost the ability to think critically, I wonder? I do love kittens and cashmere, too, the niceties in life have their value, but only when our societies are stable..
    xx, Elle